I like to say the way you presents the news is such a disservice to viewers & non viewers with false facts of news stories & not covering real instead covering stories that is less important by example the burger story on fox&friends instead of stories such as the russians indictments trump campaign..Fox news has been presenting false misleading stories since the existence of fox news going back to 1996 ara of Roger Ailes presenting false misleading stories about the obama administration whether the economy immigration trade deals especially the economy misleading facts of ownership welfare etc you lied to the american people of your viewers as well non viewers
I am writing this letter in my personal opinion, as a 30-something year old white South African man. I am proudly Afrikaans, or in the (derogatory?) plain sense, I see myself as a Boer. INSTANTLY, I am marked as a racist, for associating myself with my history. Yes, my forefathers made mistakes, and yes, me and my generation of Afrikaans and English white people in South Africa, are paying for those mistakes. We are living the life sentence of our racist forefathers, by being marked as racist (though majority of white people accept our fellow black South Africans as brothers and sisters) or being unable to apply for scholarships, tenders, employment or many of the things which we have already accepted as the norm in the “New” South Africa. We look at our farms and land being stripped and...
I'm speaking to congress you must not stop the russian & trump investigation regarless what donald trump does or say about the russians investigation as fake news you must continue the investigation until you find prove that the russians interfere & that you find actually prove that the Trump campaign interference with the russians help or not..if donald trump would decide to fire Robert Mueller for no reason &to just end the russians investigation against the trump campaign you must rehire Robert Mueller to continue the investigation until he finished the investigation &perhaps prove whether the trump campaign concluded with the russians in the 2016 presidential election or not.the american people need to know the truth to a fair democracy people are counting on!
An Open Letter To All, Racial and social inequality is a dire topic and one that needs to be addressed in this country. In the land of the free and the home of the brave we are seeing too much oppression and fear. The United States is not united, and the divisions are becoming more pronounced. The feeling of “us” versus “them” is infecting more than our national policy, it has its hands in every crevice of our society. How can we, as Americans, get over the tensions and tribalism and become the nation that lives up to our ideologies? The only answer I can dream up is to bring people together, those of all types, and form the bonds that cross the lines of our limited experiences, to open the door to positive interaction between the many walks of life that exist in this great country. I...
Donald Trump as a commander of cheif leader of the military service you show no respect to the four service men that made the ultimate sacrifice of service to the United states that serve in Niger Africa. I' m thinking that young men serve in"Africa" in which I know you're fond of citizens of minorities base on your history with black housing denial the central park young men you accuse of rape of a young girl that found innocent so forth. You're a leader of the united states your duty as a commander to pay respect...
let me say this you're are ignorant uncaring individual that ever represent the office of the U.S .The total dead in Puerto Rico is forty -eight if I'M right that's on your watch. if your administration would reacted on the hurricane of maria earlier this wouldn't have happen! You don't respect the military like john McCain who have the guts to serve the us unlike you chicken out of serving the military like a quote I HEARD JUST last night you're just a cafeteria patriot that never serve your country.
The daca young adults should be kept in the usa do no fault of their own their are good people that be here acheive their goal of freedom live happiness this is the only home that these young daca know.I hope you're do whatever you can on your part to keep the young daca adults in american but, you should.not give to the republicans house freedom caucas as well conservatives about building a border wall on the Mexico border line.The daca young adults should live in america ,but you should not give in to Donald Trump...
I like to say donald trump you're a disgusting individual with honest or character in your seventy something years old body who can't think for yourself present false facts information from conservatives media who only have their only self interests for themselves! You went back on your word concerning the daca you have no attention of keeping the daca adults in american and worst you didn't have the courage to end the program instead you sent to congress to sort out a compromise deal with the daca .the nfl players have a right to stand or kneel their is no disrespecting the military or the flag it is about police brutality by police officers injustice to black citizens racial profiling etc.you should just concentrating on the country north korea health care etc ruining...
I like to say to all you conservative media who reporting false stories that relate to donald trump you 're doing a disservice to your viewing audience just for one like donald trump .you owe the americans the whole truth whether you agree with it or not or whether news stories should be presented with accurate &honestly regardless with your values whether american people share your values or not. You advocate like the Sean Hannity that spew out lies whether is about the economy political figures etc people like you shouldn't be on t.v your interest is all about you & your values not the american people just your own interest on how American should be. If you not going to straight with the american people with accurate facts& honestly then you step aside or do something else.
I like to say this to the politicians stick to the matters of politics like north korea health care ect donald trump! Stick to ruining the country donald trump. The players had to right to express their admendment to kneel down if they want .the players isn't disrespecting the flag military service personal etc. This is about unfair treatment police brutality to african american and donald trump &his administration is trying to avoid all together by making about disrespecting the military. To jerry jones owner of the dallas cowboys& donor to donald trump campaign yet me say you're a fraud .you don't care your players rights nor the players rights to stand up for justice you only about the mighty dollars just like donald trump who is a fraud too.