Georgia Gop state legislative officials

Subject: Georgia Gop state legislative officials
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 23 Nov 2020

Georgia GOP state senate &house legislative officials I hope you don't give in to pressure for Donald Trump to give him electoral votes awarding him georgia over Joe Biden knowing that Trump didn't earn the votes more over Biden. Trump has already pressuring state legislative in Michigan to postponed or delay releasing votes that Biden apparently won as well other legislative in Pennsylvania Arizona Nevada states that Biden Trump campaign is asking states legislative to delay releasing votes to the apparently winner Joe Biden. Donald Trump and allies continuing to claim that it was voter fraud in Georgia so far election officials haven't discovered in voter fraud as reported but, still Trump calling voter fraud when it their none pressuring state legislative to award him electoral votes of states that he didn't win. Basically Trump want election officials to throw out legally abseetee&mail ballots out saying that voters votes including mines doesn't count or matter. As state legislative serving in congress hope you honor your duties comes December 14, award the electoral votes to the actual winner of the presidential election 2020