About Opnlttr

About Opnlttr

OpnLttr.com is a social publishing community for individuals with something important to say connecting your passions with people who care. Whether your message is for governments, decision-makers, corporations or people in your personal life, OpnLttr is here to give you a voice and an audience so you may be heard around the world.

What is an open letter?

The open letter is a letter that is intended to be read by a wide audience or a letter intended for an individual but is nonetheless widely distributed intentionally. Open letters are traditionally published by newspapers and magazines but because of space constraints in print, the publication of letters is generally limited to VIPs, recognised personalities and people deemed to be acting in the public interest. Despite the virtually limitless space on the web it is also the case with online newspapers and magazines.

Why publish an open letter?

Here are some reasons why people publish open letters

  • To draw society’s attention to an issue that’s not receiving appropriate publicity
  • To express a philosophical point of view s an attempt to start or end a wider dialogue around an issue
  • To influence the actions of governments, corporations or decision-makers
  • To empathise with or criticise individuals in the public domain
  • To express personal feelings towards someone in your personal life
  • To express an emotion or experience and share it with a community
The OpnLttr community

OpnLttr.com gives you the means to publish your own letters for free and find a readership immediately through our OpnLttr community. Letters may be published with named authorship, the author’s initials or anonymously.

Visitors to the site are very welcome to browse any of the fascinating letters and if moved to let the world know their opinions on any of the subjects. Readers are welcome to show their support for the authors by leaving a short comment for any of the letters or to express a different point of view. If you disagree with a letter then please say so while being polite and respectful of the author.