open letter to Georgia attorney general & Georgia house speaker

Subject: open letter to Georgia attorney general & Georgia house speaker
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 11 Dec 2020

Georgia attorney general & Georgia house speaker my name eldorado walters a georgia voter speaking for myself let me understand you're consider eliminating legal cast votes abseetee from millions of georgia voters awarded to Donald Trump claiming voter fraud when georgia elections officials hasn't found any so far just give those votes to Trump that didn't earn them legally . What perhaps you're planning to do is wrong and unethical by annoying the voters of georgia chosen presidential election for one person that didn't earn the votes fair &square from the state of georgia . Just asking do Trump has some damage information on you from your past before you came into politics or you two just willing to cheat for Donald Trump just because he calling foul didn't like the results that he loss georgia fair &square? If you go alone with this sham you should be hold accountable for helping Trump lies for a second term in office when you know as well Trump that he didn't win the state of georgia. I personally hate scums such as Republicans who willing to lie and cheat just for personal gain. You know Donald Trump is a liar and a crybaby complaining about voter fraud irregularities voting machine changing votes from Trump to biden as long his allies in congress and conservative meds with no proof .so far it be three counts recounts audit etc nothing perhaps votes wasn't counted but no foul play .what this I'm hearing that you're removing ballot boxes in the counties making even harder to those who doesn't access or perhaps with medical problems harder for people to vote!