You Bastard!

I was in love with this real nigga but he died... Secretly feeling these feelings for his homie at the same time. The day he passed we started to come together. Tryna forget about this stormy weather. But this ain't the beginning of the story so I gotta rewind, back to me pimiping hoes and tryna get mines. You know I was always a go getter, but something was missing cus we weren't together. I pursued u but u know it took time u had another gf at the same time. I said leave her ill buy u wateva .. Take u on vacations fly u whereeva. But we got close over time, we got thru all the hoes and the fights. Then good news I found out I was pregnant.. You told me baby you know we gotta keep it. I was a tatted up hood chick.. Grillz on always rocking the new shit.. He came from a religion...