If I were you

Subject: If I were you
From: Your boyfriends soulmate
Date: 20 Feb 2015

I was in love with this real nigga but he died... Secretly feeling these feelings for his homie at the same time.
The day he passed we started to come together. Tryna forget about this stormy weather.
But this ain't the beginning of the story so I gotta rewind, back to me pimiping hoes and tryna get mines.
You know I was always a go getter, but something was missing cus we weren't together. I pursued u but u know it took time u had another gf at the same time. I said leave her ill buy u wateva .. Take u on vacations fly u whereeva. But we got close over time, we got thru all the hoes and the fights.

Then good news I found out I was pregnant.. You told me baby you know we gotta keep it. I was a tatted up hood chick.. Grillz on always rocking the new shit.. He came from a religion I didn't understand ... Then it came to the day to tell his famz.. And his momma didn't wanna believe it.. His sister was too religious and his brother didn't wanna see me. He said fuck it u kno I take care of mines. Slanging dope, pimping hoes it was the fast life .. When the baby came we started having issues ..
I couldn't provide, the baby was crying all the time .. I suggested once we should get her baptize .. The man nearly lost his damn mind.. Bouncing off the walls .. We can't stop arguing.. But wait did I tell u about this girl who use to like him .. Waited five whole years just to love him. This hoe wasn't like me.. She was the type that wanted to go to school get her degree .. I use to laugh at her and tell her she would NEVER get money like me .. Well 7 yrs went by and I heard she bought a house and has a sick ride ..

Maybe I spent to much time laughing at her .. Cus I went threw my mans phone and seen a text it was from her .. They have the same life aspirations?? Bitch came from the same religion .. But Sooner or later he started sleeping on the couch.. Then one day he said he's moving out .. At least shit didn't work out for him and that other chick .. But her life was in order maybe I shouldn't have never dissed .. Did I tell u I even had another kid.. Well she was at my grandmas threw all this bullshit.. So now I'm too old too go back to my uther shit .. I'm raising 2 children as a single mom, with no real stable income.. Where would I be if I didn't have welfare .. This nigga remarried .. He didn't care about my welfare .. 10 yrs later I have a bunch of kids ..5 different baby daddies I went thru a lot of shit .. And I'm thinking damnnnnn I should have took my time and found the right guy...--- Tooo late hoe