WARNING! The Cloud is the Mother of All Government Spyware! Microsoft sold out to Uncle Sam years ago. If you want true privacy in your life and online, read this article - twice.

Subject: WARNING! The Cloud is the Mother of All Government Spyware! Microsoft sold out to Uncle Sam years ago. If you want true privacy in your life and online, read this article - twice.
From: Former Politicial Prisoner Bruce Gorcyca
Date: 11 Feb 2020

After publishing this article last month warning people that TOR was no longer safe in concealing your identity online https://opnlttr.com/letter/updated-warning-all-tor-skype-cloud-and-star-... I received dozens of messages, and two of them came from former Microsoft Cloud project developers and a Cisco network engineer with links to white papers written by IT Expert Bruce Schneirer, Edward Snowden, and EFF members that all confirmed the claims of my article and came with even a bigger shocker… The Cloud technology developed ostensibly to provide a safe and secure storage, gaming, and general interface platform, was from the very onset, designed to be an undetectable world-wide NSA spy tool that become especially effective when paired with the American 5G network, but obstructed if used with the Chinese 5G network designed by Huawei. This explains the furor and alarm the U.S. State Department and FBI expressed when they learned that the U.K., Germany and 20 other countries opted for Huawei over Cisco during the last two years.


In the interim, and even TODAY as you read these very words, the Cloud is the most dangerous threat to your privacy, and those that doubt my words only need to consult with Edward Snowden or Bruce Schneier and blow-off all the assurances of government lip-service. They haven't kept their promises of reform previously when caught spying on us, so why would you believe them now?

This article here explains how VERY easily the cloud is accessible to government snoops at their whim, and unless what you upload is sha-encrypted offline to begin with, your data is anything but private once on the cloud. https://privacyintyqcroe.onion/long-read/3300/cloud-extraction-technolog....

These short videos explains why 5G presents the next biggest privacy threat in the history of communications. Once adopted, 5G irreversibly allows Big Brother into your life at every level, and even that of your children who can be used to spy on their parents with pop-up “surveys” that appear on their online gaming consoles such as “For 3 days of free War Zone or Princess Barbie gaming just tell us… Do your parents own a gun?, Spank you? Use Drugs of any kind?”



The George Orwell 1984 vision of government is now in it’s final development stages, and we all bought into the lies that made it possible. We really never needed the Cloud nor 5G Network as proven by South Korea’s internet network which has blazing fast speed without the huge snoop machine apparatus. Yet in order to keep collecting foreign aid from the United States, the Koreans were forced to “upgrade” to U.S. technology against their will. Granted, the Cloud also works with 4G, but requires far more labor and money for the spooks to acquire your information.

Why do they care about you Mr. Plant Manager? or Mrs. Pharmacist? Or NGO volunteer? Many people asked me the same innocent question and at first I also shrugged my shoulders. But when FBI agents stormed our family home at 5810 Gilbert Avenue in Parma, Ohio and seized my book manuscripts at gun-point without a warrant, I knew the answer. All the snooping is to identify, stifle, and discredit dissidents, war protesters, climate-change activists, and any other outspoken citizen critical of U.S. foreign policies… and gun owners.

Before that shocking day in my life, I too scoffed and snickered when people told me to stop using Google. I'm not laughing any more... READ! https://geopolitics.co/2017/09/05/google-is-nsa/

Those in the ivory towers know quite well that the American public is growing more and more unsatisfied with our polarized and corrupt government (the topic of my book btw), and are quietly preparing for what they fear most… civil unrest and perhaps even an armed revolt by the shrinking middle class, and those struggling in poverty. Of course they will use the “threat of terrorism” and the “child pornography” labels for their convenience to justify their domestic spying. But in the last ten years, their $50 billion expenditure in domestic spyware (that could have pulled 30,000,000 Americans out of poverty, and rebuilt 12 major cities in the rust-belt and provide a 50% health care subsidy to every American over age 50), they have discovered 15 “suspected” terrorists (only two were actually even pondering an act of terrorism) and 4 peddlers of child porn. However, they can promptly tell you how many bullets were sold in every state and to whom during any given week, month, or year, and who voted for Donald Trump, and who paid more than $10 for a pair of socks.

How can this affect YOUR life? Here is how it affected mine... https://opnlttr.com/search/node/Gorcyca. Just look at how it affected the lives of 380,000 American citizens separated from their wives and children for years behind prison bars for smoking marijuana in their own homes. Intrusive surveillance into our lives is currently unpredictable and based on the morals or others, or lack of same. America now jails a greater percentage of our citizens than either China or Russia and more than 65% of those jailed are for non-violent crimes, arrested through electronic snooping. Most of these "crimes" had no real victims, yet entire families were destroyed and/or bankrupted by over-zealous law enforcement obsessed with 24/7 electronic surveillance.

Your abortion, gun purchase, salary, job interviews, private business negotiations, stock trades, passwords, relationship problems, sexual adventures, dating preferences, divorce, etc. are all being recorded and may one day be used against you by the government to compel your "cooperation" with some gun-ho agent against a loved one, colleague, or neighbor. They already did it to me, (my resistance caused me to be tortured and then exiled abroad, away from family for years when I refused to cooperate - a legal right of all citizens). I was not a criminal but a former Fortune 500 executive, U.S. Treasury agent, Military vet, air traffic controller, and Red Cross volunteer. So if they can do this to me (all because they monitored me authoring a book about government corruption), they can certainly do it to you as well. https://www.legaljunkies.com/showthread.php?t=89128

Bill Gates of Microsoft is one of the wealthiest people in the world, worth $89 billion dollars. Roughly 30% of his wealth over the years came from government contracts whose dozens of agencies and administrations, and entire departments rely on Microsoft products, like every office. As he once admitted, Gates gives keys and unlimited government access to all of his Microsoft products and projects, which he personally feels is his “patriotic duty” and frankly, that is his prerogative. In fact, he has never made a court challenge nor said “No Thank You” to Uncle Sam’s many domestic spying requests.

But it is also OUR prerogative as consumers and citizens not to buy nor use the many known spy tools being used against WE THE PEOPLE at a wholesale and indiscriminate level. If YOU want to remain private in your life and daily affairs, here is what you can do to keep Uncle Sam out of your business and family life, and it will cost you nothing but an hour or two of your time…

(1). Stop using Google and any google product (i.e. Chrome, Gmail, Stadia, Home Mini Speaker, etc) and as a browser switch to duckduckgo.com or smartpage.com (they do not track users)

(2). Do not use the Cloud for storage purposes even though it is “free” (at this time). Buy yourself a 1TB external hard drive with auto-encryption software. Or if you cannot afford the $200 device, be sure that anything and everything you upload to the cloud is “Sha Level Encrypted.” https://stackoverflow.com/questions/990705/whats-the-difference-between-...

(3). Do not use “smart home” products that contain built-in microphones or cameras including ADT and Honeywell home security devices. As for your smart TVs, simply place a piece of black electrical tape over the camera lens, and tape 3 layers of tissue paper over the microphone hole. Remember, anything that YOU can access remotely, so can the government, as well as clever burglars and identity thieves.

(4). Stop using Skype for any private, sensitive, or financial matters you would not discuss openly in front of strangers. Skype used to have P2P encryption but recently and quietly shifted over to the cloud. Here are other more secure options for sending files;

(5). Do not allow your children to play online games, especially on anything other than their own game console – NOT your laptop, phone, or PC. More than 60% of Trojan spyware get into our computers through children or third parties we allow to use our computers who click to close pop-up ads that are really Trojans or Worms in disguise. By clicking the X to “close” you actually embed and activate them in your computer. Avoid Stadia like it was ebola.

(6). If you have On-Star, Sky-Link, or Sat-Link in your car, do not discuss private matters in your car because they are monitored automatically by NSA computers who scan for key words that are currently over 300.

(7). Do not use TOR thinking that you are anonymous. You are NOT, and by having TOR you probably already have a key-logger and/or other government spyware like “magneto” monitoring your online activities. Watch this video for more details https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wak1JeiJdOw or read my "P.S." below.

(8.) Most importantly, ditch your “smart phone” and replace it with an old Nokia, Sony, or Blackberry plain digital phone if you only use your phone primarily as a telephone. If you cannot part with your “smart phone”, at the very least, disable your GPS and all apps that require cloud access, and require you to use a google product. Iphones are more secure than Android which is owned by Google.

(9). Avoid FACEBOOK, delete it from your phone and computers. Next to the Cloud and Google, it is the most active spyware online. Not long ago they had a data breach of 50,000 million people and the only compensation paid was a verbal apology from Zuckerberg who gladly shares his data with the government to avoid prosecution and stricter regulation - a convenient quid pro quo - at our expense folks.

(10). Immediately start using a disposable email address, and when signing up for online services do not give your real gender, age, address, profession, marital status, nor telephone number. Get yourself a free "burner" telephone number online.

(11). Abandon Whats App, Messenger, We Chat, and switch immediately to Signal, the only 100% bullet-proof encrypted messaging service, still not cracked by the feds.

(12). Lock-down your phone so only you have access to even open it, and if you have not done so already, use your landline only for an internet modem. Wi-Fi is not safe at all and even an amateur 10 year-old hacker can access any Wi-Fi or Blue Tooth connected device.

If you can follow the above 12 suggestions, you can cut your online profile by 90% or more. And of course, never participate in online surveys, or admit to gun ownership, recreational drug use, watching adult porn, or spanking your kids unless you like courtroom drama and want to see it up close. I also urge you to tune into https://eff.org and https://theintercept.com, and https://reddit.com/r/secretnomore to keep abreast of all the new and creative ways our privacy is being covertly invaded without our knowledge nor consent.

Hopefully my friends you will heed this advice now and have no regrets 3-5 years down the road. Stay well and prosper!

P.S. For those of you still in denial about the recent compromise of TOR, (no longer conceals your location nor identity) read this https://restoreprivacy.com/tor BTW... since publishing my last warning about TOR, I have been locked out of all my U.S. email accounts without explanation. I can still be reached by PM at Reddit or at [email protected]

You are welcome to repost and link this public warning anywhere free of charge provided attribution is provided. if you want privacy abuse to stop - spread the word and become part of the solution. Do nothing and remain part of the problem.