UPDATED: Warning To All TOR, Skype, Cloud, and On-Star Users: Your communications are not as secure as you were led to believe. I found out the hard way.

Subject: UPDATED: Warning To All TOR, Skype, Cloud, and On-Star Users: Your communications are not as secure as you were led to believe. I found out the hard way.
From: By Bruce Gorcyca
Date: 21 Jan 2020

Dear Friends,

By both accident and personal experience, I learned about this breach in encryption security technology and by necessity I learned even more about it from a top Chinese White Hat hacker in Beijing, before I was kidnapped by the FBI (Google it if you think I am blowing smoke up your butt.) Since I do not want to be charged with any NSA violations I will be careful with what and how much I tell you here today. If my experience interests you, can visit…https://www.opnlttr.com/search/node/Gorcyca

First, I will start with Skype which was once a privately owned company and was semi secure at that point. It was then sold to Ebay and user information was sold on a limited basis, until the company was bought in 2011 by Microsoft for $8.5Billion.Think why would anyone spend so much money to acquire a struggling company (at the time) which earns less than 15% of its revenues from it’s actual users/sbscribers? Historically, Bill Gates who as always, given the keys to the back doors of all his Microsoft products to Uncle Sam, even without a court challenge, did it yet again with Skype. He honestly believes it is his “patriotic duty” to do so.

Aside from monitoring millions of Skype users, NSA began collecting a voice database of every subscriber in the world almost 6 years ago and can now identify people in over 50 countries just by analyzing 15 seconds of their voice transmissions. You can read more about this amazing technology at https://theintercept.com/2018/01/19/voice-recognition-technology-nsa/. BTW… Our own President Obama blasted the Chinese for developing the same tech when he learned they were doing it two years before us, and he called it an “unethical breach of privacy!”. Hmmm.

In 2015 I revealed on my blog, that NSA also had the capability to monitor conversations inside automobiles equipped with On-Star satellite communication links for hands-free mobile phone conversations. This feature is found on many luxury cars including the Chinese government Audi I was offered a ride home in during a rare Beijing down-pour after I finished a training session with a deputy governor from the People’s Bank of China. A few months later a U.S. embassy official played back the verbatim recording of our brief conversation when I was scolded bout helping China acquire disruptive green water pollution technology that does not require chemicals. Upon investigation, I learned they can monitor our car conversations even if we have the system turned off, because they can remotely turn it on! Here is my article from 2015 where I warned about this but not very many people bother to read WordPress blog sites which the Google search engine is programmed to bury beyond page 3 where few eyeballs seldom travel... https://afewthoughtsfrombruce.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/10-things-edward-...

As for “secure cloud storage and uploads”, I too was fooled until only just recently when I could not access some sensitive evidence of government corruption that I hid on the cloud in a file that was shaw encrypted even before I uploaded it. After it completely vanished I asked my Chinese friend to help me find and recover it. When he could not do so, he turned to a Russian colleague of his who is, well, very experienced in cloud-based security systems. He too was stumped until we all read this article last month. This excellent article is self-explanatory and written for most people with average Internet skills to understand. Believe it’s true. https://privacyintyqcroe.onion/long-read/3300/cloud-extraction-technolog...

Now about the shocker…TOR. All of us would bet our last dollar TOR is absolutely bullet-proof for point to point encryption anywhere in the world, and we’d all be 90% correct. The software and encryption technology is the strongest, and most publicly available privacy tech available today. It has been a super heavy duty privacy shield for sure, BUT only IF you do not use the lowest default settings and you have TOR boot up with your computer as it logs onto the internet. If you go online first, and then activate TOR you are at least 80% (or more) at risk.

Here is where I have to be careful, and will use a fictitious software name and be a little vague. NSA and other intelligence agencies in Europe are now actively searching out users of TOR automatically at the rate of 100,000 telephone numbers and IP addresses by the minute using a probing software I will call “Fisherman” that scans your phone/laptop/PC in less than 10 seconds seeking out any TOR file. If your phone/computer is found to have TOR installed, the feds instantly embed a key logger RAT program (Remote Access Tool) that will automatically record every key stroke you type while your computer is on and record up to 3GB of compressed log files that will be sent in burst packet transmissions at random times when you go online. What does this mean?

What you type before and after you turn on your TOR connection will be recorded and sent to NSA for computer analysis and possibly referred for human analysis if any key words or phrases were tagged by the computer. Granted, the key logger will not be able to record inbound replies or voice communications, but DARPA funded a project at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) that is close to embedding a solution to capture voice conversations made over TOR.

Again, IF you set your settings to a minimum level of “Safer” and force TOR to start-up simultaneously with your internet “hand-shake” you have nothing to worry about, yet. I have asked my Chinese friend and his Russian colleague to alert me if and when they detect that voice communications on TOR become insecure.

Be advised that as early as 2013, NSA and GCHQ made TOR a priority target and it is not difficult to find TOR users simply by analyzing traffic since TOR uses distinctive data "packets". Once these users are spotted they are aggressively monitored for an intrusion opportunity and back then (in 2013) exploited weaknesses in the Firefox browser that TOR utilizes. IT Security Expert Bruce Schneier details their old methods in this excellent article https://www.schneier.com/essays/archives/2013/10/attacking_tor_how_th.html. Edward Snowden and others also chimed in with warnings that the creators of TOR did not want to admit, but in 2015 they quietly changed the wording of their disclaimer which now mentons there is no guarantee of anonymity and even using TOR involves "some risk". To be fair, The TOR app is still quite strong but not even close to invincible. https://climateviewer.com/2013/10/10/nsa-and-gchq-target-tor-privacy-enc....

Current technology in 2020 now makes both predator and carnivore software genuine antiques and certain collector items in the spy world. There is however a way that seems to be at least 75% accurate in knowing if you have been compromised by “Fisherman” which I discovered completely by accident when trying almost 30 different anti-virus and malware detection products and tools ranging from the common (Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, etc. to the lesser used programs like Stinger, Hitman, Webroot, Comodo, etc.). None of them will actually find the key-logger embedded in your computer, (if you were targeted and infected), but two of the programs seem to be incompatible and caused my computer to freeze up or generate an erroneous error message when certain commands are given, especially DOS commands for you fellow dinosaurs like me.

Still there are other methods to defeat the NSA's ability to detect and trace you, which I will be posting at https://reddit.com/r/secretnomore shortly with a PGP encrypted download link. If I had the funding I would set up a full-time notification system for subscribers and set-up a secure dropbox. For now, just follow the advice herein until we can communicate privately and securely on my coming link or Signal which is still bullet-proof. In theory, we could overwhelm the snoops with work if only 20% of netizens started using Tor, and half of us switched from Google to DuckDuckGo.com, the subject of my next article. If you think Google is your helpful friend, please remember that help comes at a huge cost, as they now have even begun monitoring our children through their gaming consoles. https://www.reddit.com/r/SPSD/comments/ety0an/will_congress_allow_nsa_to....

Which TOR users are most targeted? Eventually everyone will be probed by “Fisherman” but according to my Chinese friend, gun owners and especially anyone who purchased more than 50 rounds of ammunition in any given 30 day period, militia and National Guard members and as of 2018 when I last spoke with my friend, vocal Trump supporters who were most pro-active on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter with 3 or more “provocative” comments per week, and citizens who traveled abroad outside North America within the last 5 years. Such demographic filters/parameters lead me to believe they are using our tax dollars by the ton to develop political weapons not to destabilize or "monitor" foreign regimes that don't submit to U.S. foreign policies, but rather to keep tabs on Americans fed up with the status quo in Washington, D.C. (like me!).

RPI’s Quantum computer is almost ready for even larger mass domestic surveillance and by using VPNs the intrusions, if and when discovered, will probably be blamed on Russia or China! :) So if invasion of your privacy unsettles you, avoid the 5G network, RFID chips, trade in your smart phone for an old Nokia or Sony CDMA plain digital phone, ditch all your smart home products, and learn how to get off the grid. Its not easy, but not impossible. Off course, you can start by making TOR your default browser after a fresh Windows install (Unix is much safer and stable than Windows if you are willing to watch a 30 minute tutorial). For absolute best privacy protection, you can invest in Nord VPN to use in conjunction with TOR for all your online adventures.

Yes, I have heard it before "I don't care if anyone is watching me because I am not doing anything wrong". I too once shared those sentiments until I had my book manuscripts about government crimes and corruption seized by the FBI at gunpoint. What we think is our constitutional right is often at odds with what is inconvenient for Big Brother, or what some refer to as "The Deep State". They will not let anyone interfere with their income streams, more often than not - illegal. Their least concern is our Privacy my friends. As a Chinese professor from Peking University once told me, "A wolf cares nothing about the opinions of sheep".

IMO, the Chinese were right to boot Google out of China, but not for censorship reasons. https://journal-neo.org/2017/09/04/we-told-you-so-google-is-nsa/. And BTW my friends, here in America, this very article has already been posted and then censored from five different forums within 48 hours. Sometimes, the truth is not convenient for Uncle Sam, and frankly if we all start telling more of it we might actually be able to close the floodgates of corruption that is drowning our nation. (Sorry, I get carried away sometimes).

It took the feds over 3 years to find my residence in China even though I legally had to announce my arrival for immigration purposes. If you too want to evade Big Brother’s daily snooping into your life, I can teach you with 12 hours of personal tutoring at my place in New York for a modest donation since my FBI kidnapping from China left me homeless and separated from my family and assets in China after all the fabricated charges they laid against me were dismissed by U.S. Federal Judge Fred Block on Nov. 20, 2019 in case no. 08-CR-09 (which you can verify at http://pacer.gov).

In response to this post you can soon expect some government shill to appear online and attack my claims above, and reassure you that everything is safe and just fine, and of course, I am simply some misguided loon who recently escaped from Bellvue. To preempt such a rebuttal, I would only say that that FAA, Fortune 500 Companies, U.S. Treasury Department, and Foreign governments simply do not hire crazy people to be air traffic controllers, executives, IRS agents, nor executive corporate trainers. No. I am not an IT expert, but I know what I experienced and why, as confirmed by one of the best Chinese hackers in the world, and only those from India are of the same caliber.

You are invited to visit my blog every 10 days as I will soon be posting some “interesting” and the real reasons why the FBI doesn’t want you to buy Huawei mobile phones, which I must tell you, take the best damn photos with their Leica German cameras and software. I will also soon be discussing smart home technologies, 5G networks and why you should avoid both IF privacy is a major concern to you. I also urge every parent in the world to visit and browse https://eff.org if you care about the freedom of your family and economic survival. Once you start reading you will understand my concerns.

I also want to share a message with you all about the Chinese people, which is not to be confused with the Chinese government. I spent 11 years living, working, training, and socializing with professional Chinese in Beijing ranging from university students at one end of the spectrum to corporate execs and government officials at the other end of the spectrum with about 300 primary school students as well who were my Critical Thinking students. What I learned from most all of them will give you a pleasant surprise. Less than a dozen people out over 3,000 I met made me lose any sleep at night, and fortunately they were older generation folks ready to retire with little influence left in this world. To understand what I was doing in China have a visit to https://brucegorcycainchina.home.blog/ Happy New Year to all… Stay well and prosper.

BTW…To corrupt FBI agents Greg Coleman and Terry Nelson, I hope you both burn in hell for eternity for the misery, anxiety, persecution, and terror you imposed on my family and I to for 20 years just to conceal your own crimes. If there really is a God, you are both in deep shit.

Note: The Author can be reached at [email protected]