Social Media Addiction

Subject: Social Media Addiction
From: Emilio Medina
Date: 4 Mar 2021

Dear people who are reading this,

In my commercial I'll be explaining why social media addiction. this an actual problem people should care about because it is very sad and dangerous and bad for your health. This is problem because people are dying from this addiction people are commiting suicide becuase of people saying neagtive things doing negative things. “professional/experts said that over 30,000 thousand people died from social media addiction.” (
And it's because people can't be themselves in this world no more if you do something nice or good people think you're doing the bad thing or something but if you do something cool being a punk or something that's funny to people till someone does it to them. “Some professionals/experts are trying to say more than 10 percent of the people in the United states have a social media addiction. But due to how common people use social media in their lives, maybe more than 10 percent have a social media addiction.” And then their health and lives are in danger. People don't understand that people die from this. (
“In 2018, in the article i was reading it said that people spent an average of 144 minutes on social media every day. But researchers said that this indicates that limiting social media use to 30 minutes a day would be better for their health.” the issue would be reduced, according to professionals. So if you would wanna help with this you can spend 30 minutes on social media a day. Even though professionals didn't say what i'm gonna say right here i'm gonna put my opinion in this. If you don't feel a little sympathy for these people that are dying from this addiction you have no heart and you don't care about them. I feel like everyone should have a limited time on social media. They shouldn't stare at their screens all day everyday just talking negative about people makes the people feel sorry for themselves. These people mainly die from scuidcal because of people that have no lives and have to talk about others because they're doing bad in life. But in all this should happen to no one if you wanna help reduce your time on social media FIN.