Can we be a free humanity?

Subject: Can we be a free humanity?
From: Just one of many.
Date: 13 Aug 2023
Angelo Di Pietro with his prototype.

The whole world is discussing electric cars, whether or not it is right to make this energy transition, whether this new mobility is greener than internal combustion cars. There is no doubt about it, electric cars are definitely superior to traditional cars in many ways. And while this site ( is being asked to include a conspiracy section as well, let me say something that is not a conspiracy, but established truth. While there is no doubt that this will for change started with governments, I wanted to draw attention to a man who has been solving mobility problems for more than two decades. His name is Angelo Di Pietro, an independent researcher who for a number of years worked for a well-known European automaker, trying to improve Wankel-type engine technology. About 20 years ago, this Italian inventor developed, (based on the Wankel engine), a new type of compressed-air engine capable of having the same efficiency as an electric motor (more than 90 percent) and at least 400 percent more efficiency than any other existing compressed-air engine.
No battery problems to dispose of, no anxiety about charging at the columns, no emissions, and the car recharges as fast as an internal combustion car. Where were the governments then? Did anyone ever take an interest in it? I urge all skeptics to keep their mouths shut, let them concentrate on running after the chickens, his invention is not a fantasy, here at this address ( is the patent on this engine, which has earned him dozens of awards in Australia (where he migrated years ago) to try to develop his invention. To all who can, help this man develop his engine and give him the recognition he deserves. Let us show that we can be a self-managing humanity, free from the impositions of automakers and governments More infos about the motor at At 99.99% I will not be heard, but you can always prove me wrong.