A special message for my Super Special son Dylan DiMarco! (Vince please read this to your brother for me) - Message No.3

Subject: A special message for my Super Special son Dylan DiMarco! (Vince please read this to your brother for me) - Message No.3
From: Your REAL Daddy who loves and misses his Boo Boo
Date: 2 Mar 2020

Hello my little Boo Boo!

– This is Appa, your real father writing to you to let you know that I did finally make it to the border of Canada in time for Christmas to bring you the electric rainbow I promised you. But mom said you are retarded and didn’t remember me any more. I don’t believe that because the last time we spoke on the phone, you told me you loved me five or six times and you said “Appa come home”. Dylan, I am coming home, one way or another so I can hug you every day, take you to school and to play in the park every day on the playground with your friends. I know you want to show them that you also have a real daddy who loves and misses you very much.

I know you are a very special little boy Dylan and that is I why I love you even more. I want to be there to protect you and help you learn about life and people. Not everyone in this world wants to be your friend and that is why you need to listen to your big brother and mom when they warn you about things that may not make sense to you. TRUST ONLY YOUR FAMILY AND TEACHERS DYLAN. People that are older than you have more experience in the world and you can learn from them. But not all these people are nice or really care about you. So remember what I told you when you came to visit me in China… Don’t talk to strangers and never wander away from your brother, aunt, mommy, or Grandma.

You know, most babies arrive to their moms and dads like you see in the photo above, but you my dear Dylan were brought to us by an Angel as a very special gift. That is why everyone in our family loves you so much.

By the way, I still have the electric rainbow I promised to bring you but you need to tell mommy that you want to see me so I can deliver it to you and show you how it works. It’s really cool and I hope you will let me play with it from time to time,okay?

Speaking of play, I have some special games I want to play with you that are not only fun, but will make you smarter the more that you play them. I met a few special kids like you in China, and every Christmas, I bring Santa to meet them and give them gifts and play these games. I asked mommy maybe ten times to send me some new photos of you, but she is always “too busy”. If you want to see some photos of me, ask Vince to show you this place on the computer https://brucegorcycainchina.home.blog/.

I hope you got the poem and letters I sent you from China and the Birthday Card I gave to the U.S. embassy people in China to deliver to you when some bad people held me in a cage for 485 days https://opnlttr.com/letter/official-statement-bruce-gorcyca-jailed-485-d... without a telephone or anyone who could speak English. Maybe Vince can explain this to you as well. Usually only bad people are kept in places like this, but I did not do anything bad or wrong Dylan. The bad people put me there because they didn’t want me to tell other people about bad things they did that would put them in jail. Now they don’t want me to go to Canada or any other country where they cannot control me and what I say. But you are my family, and family members never lie to one another Boo Boo. Here is a poem I wrote when I was in that bad place. https://www.scribd.com/document/437528209/Another-Day-A-Poem-By-Bruce-Go... Maybe if Vince has time, he can show you how to write a poem. I am writing another one for you and I will send it to you next week both in regular mail and here on the internet. The last time I spoke with Vince, he told none of my regular snail mail arrived to the house, and that is why I am using this way to write to you. SOMEONE does not want you to get my letters or even wants you to think about me.

Hey, do you remember when we went to that HUGE Wall in China when you were 3 years-old and you road on top of my shoulders all day, and then we went to the Beijing Zoo together? We had fun those two weeks heh? I wanted to take you, Vince, and mom to the New Disney World in Shanghai for your 9th birthday in 2017, but mom never answered my messages, and she never told me why Boo Boo. I had VIP Passes for a full week at Disney and was not able to get a refund. I thought that would have been a great place to spend your birthday and another chance for use to become better friends. Hopefully, we can still go to Disney World again. I took mommy, Grandma, and your aunt to the DisneyWorld in Florida before your brother was born so now I think its time “The Boys” in our family make the trip. What do you think Dylan?

I have to go do my chores now so please ask Vince to send me your phone number or his so we can at least talk to one another on the phone like we use to okay? My temporary number in New York is 646-X34-5X17. The first X is the month your brother Vince was born, and the second X is the month you were born. If you know how to send email send your phone number to AppaDiMarco(at)yahoo.com.

If mommy introduces you to any new man, please remember that you have only one real father who loves you with all his heart – me. There is no other place I want to be than with you and Vincent.

Because those bad people stole my money and my stock shares were used to pay for your brother’s university tuition, I now do not have enough money to come live in Canada because mom does not want me to live in the house that I paid for and won’t even send me my clothes. She is angry about something but she will not tell me what. We did not even have an argument so maybe your brother Vince knows what is going on. Anyway, I love you Boo Boo and hope to be with you soon some-how, some-way.

10,000 Hugs and Kisses From Your Daddy (Appa)