To My Little Girl

Subject: To My Little Girl
From: Dad
Date: 4 May 2023

Dear Oakley,
When you take the opportunity to read this someday, you will know that you are receiving my last open letter that I will ever write because you are my final child. I hope you really enjoy what I was feeling about your welcoming when this was written. I hope that we can eventually have a laugh together to see how right or wrong I was when I wrote this for you.

At this point, I am a seasoned veteran as a father. I have the dad thing down, but I know I have much to learn with you being my first and only daughter. I have been forewarned that little girls always have their dad wrapped around their little finger. I am so ready to find out if this is true when I meet you. I promise to protect you, but hopefully not be too overprotective. The one thing I can guarantee is that I will always be there no matter what and you can always run back into my arms. I already love you so much and I can’t wait to meet you little girl!

You are lucky enough to be the last born in a big, chaotic family. Your mom and I are on the same page. We are both over-experienced in taking care of kids but we know things are going to be much different with you. Everything being purple and pink and girl toys are going to be big changes for us. Your mom and I are still the team that we always have been and we will learn and figure things out quickly for you. Mommy is more than ready for your arrival because carrying you has been tough on her, but she’s ready to have you in her arms and she loves you already too!

      Lucky for you, you have two big brothers who are more than ready to love and protect their little sister. Those boys will never let anything happen to you and will do anything they can to keep you safe. They have two very different personalities as you will come to see. Parker is very laid back and will be very gentle with and around you. Rome won't be so gentle, but he has a rough and tough way about him and he's not going to let anyone around his sister. Despite their different personalities, they will always be there for you when you need them. I am so excited to see how your personality fits in with your brother’s. I'm sure you will all team up on mom and dad, but that's perfectly fine and already expected. 
      I am thrilled to watch you grow and develop each and every day into who you are going to be. I can't wait to include you in our family activities and for you to decide what you enjoy doing. You may enjoy all of the same things as your brothers or none of them, but that's perfectly okay. I am completely clueless on what girls enjoy doing and the activities they want to participate in, but I promise that I will learn. I will always be there for all of your sports, dances, and any other activities you choose to love. I will love them too because you do.  All I can do is let you choose your own path in life and be your biggest supporter. I am so sure that you can do anything that you want to do or be anything that you want to be. I know that you will be the most beautiful little girl both inside and out. I am greatly anticipating your arrival and just know that, once again, I already love you more than you'll ever imagine!