Official Statement Of Bruce Gorcyca - Jailed 485 days incommunicado in China without charges nor any help from U.S. embassy for over a year.

Subject: Official Statement Of Bruce Gorcyca - Jailed 485 days incommunicado in China without charges nor any help from U.S. embassy for over a year.
From: Bruce Gorcyca, Author, Whistle-Blower, Former Fortune 500 Executive, Air Traffic Controller, U.S. Treasury Agent, Corporate Trainer
Date: 8 Jan 2020

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I promised a friend to post an update here, and I keep my promises.. This will be my only post upon the advice of legal counsel, who did not even want me to post this much.

• Yes, I was kidnapped from China by 2 FBI D5 (Division 5 SOG) on August 23, 2019 from outside the Daxing Jail in Southeast Beijing (about 2 kilometers from the border of Hebei Province). I was hooded and injected with Thorazine. (The Chinese police were bribed to let this happen ($100,000 to three officers who told me I was “going home to my family in Canada”). People who need/want more information can read my pro-se filings in the U.S. District Court EDNY (Brooklyn) in case no. 08-CR-09 or search “ Bruce Gorcyca”.

• At the Beijing International airport I was turned over to 4 U.S. Marshals from the New York office named Banks, Larsen, Britt and Gricus (phonetic). We departed China with no valid passport on United Airline flight 888 or 88 (I can’t recall at the moment) non-stop to Newark. I was never shown any arrest nor rendition warrant, nor told I was under arrest, nor read my Miranda rights. The Marshals were very professional and respectful. The FBI agents were not.

• Before they kidnapped me I was jailed totally incommunicado at the DaXing Jail from April 11, 2018 to August 23rd, 2019 that also included 2 weeks at a Chaoyang hospital called “Japan-China Friendship Hospital” where I was admitted with severe pneumonia on February 16th, 2019. I was kept under armed guards in room 210 until March 3, 2019. The hospital Director was Mrs. Zu and my two doctors were Dr. Ma and Dr. Zhang. I was not allowed to make any calls at the hospital or the jail, and nobody from the U.S. embassy came to see me at the hospital. I got the pneumonia from sleeping on the floor in the jail cell I shared with 15-17 Chinese prisoners.

• I never saw a judge, a lawyer, nor charged with any criminal offense, and not allowed to send nor receive mail, nor have visitors – all direct violations of the Vienna Convention. The Chinese police officials (officers Cheng and Wang with service numbers 051462 and 013711 told me that I would be released after my 15 day punishment (for having an expired visa and passport) but it took over 20 days for a U.S. embassy rep to even visit me.

Every rep from the embassy admitted I only needed a new passport to be released, just as the Chinese police told me, but nobody even brought me a passport renewal application for well over a year, without any explanation. During this time I demanded to communicate with Ambassadors Branstad and McCallum but was told by the Chinese police… “Your embassy is fully aware of your situation and told us that you do not need any communications with anyone”. Travis from the U.S. embassy told me it normally only took “about 3-5 days to get a new passport, but I really don’t understand what is going on with your case” (even though he admitted being officially assigned to my case). I personally believe he was genuinely trying to help me and that is why his boss transferred my case to Erin Thurber who had an adversarial attitude with me and did absolutely nothing to help me whatsoever. Although none of them brought me a new passport for well over a year, embassy reps Matt and Sarah did bring me a toothbrush for Christmas of 2018.

• I was informed by one of the police who was once my English student, that a U.S. agent had paid “a lot of money” to have me arrested, and falsely told the Chinese that aside from having an expired passport, that I was wanted for a $20 million stock fraud in America and that I was a wanted pedophile in Canada. The police apparently believed this for quite some time, but later did their own homework and finally admitted they discovered they were lied to.

Except for the three Chinese officials who were bribed. I was treated well with dignity and respect by the Chinese, but my Vienna Convention rights were never honored by my captors nor the American embassy officials who never allowed me to make a telephone call, contact the U.S. nor Canadian ambassadors, nor let me send or otherwise deliver over 280 pages of letters I wrote to: a) my wife and kids, b) Ambassador Branstad, c) Ambassador McCallum, d) Judge Weinstein, e) MP Omar Alghabra, d) President Trump, f) Foreign Minister Wang Yi, g) Solicitor Marshal Drukarsh, h) Justice/Solicitor Patrick LeSage, and i) President Xi JinPing. Additional letters were written to: j) Amnesty International and k) Human Rights watch. I authorized the U.S. State Department to release 18 pages of a statement and 5 “Supplemental Statements” to “Family”, “Friends”, “Media”, and “Public” and gave same to visiting reps named “Travis”, “Sarah”, “Matt”, “Jennifer”, “Erin Thurber”, and their “boss’s boss Leslie Doumbia, a black woman about 40 years old, 5’8” tall, 130 pounds, who wore “Prada” designer glasses. In the 480+ days I was detained, not one of them contacted my wife or son in Canada to advise them of my situation. After the Chinese guards told me they would not mail my letters out, I smuggled them out to the visiting room in my underwear in groups of 3-5 letters whenever the embassy reps came to see me (5 times over the 485 day period).

Although they said my mail would be delivered “immediately - within a day or two”, I was told over a year later on June 10th, 2019 by the Assistant Legal Attache Leslie Doumbia, that “None of your mail was delivered and will never be delivered, and if you don’t do as I say, you will stay here in jail until you die.” She claimed that she could not deliver the mail because “we could not locate nor contact any of your recipients” even though my family resided at the same address for over 20 years, and all the other officials are easily found on the internet. After this woman left, I was told by one of the Chinese officials that she was an FBI agent involved in trying to make a deal to trade me for a Huawei CFO arrested in Canada for extradition to the U.S. This was the second time I heard this, and about 3-4 weeks before this Doumbia woman showed up I was told a deal was being secretly negotiated behind Trump’s back to send me back to the U.S. and in exchange, the Huawei CFO would have her charges dropped after the U.S. elections by the new Democratic President. At that time the Chinese already knew that President Trump was going to be impeached, and President Joe Biden would be our new president. They made reference to Senator Biden’s son supposedly “looking out for you” but I never met the man, only spoke to him once back in 2016 about two technology deals I had been promoting in China on behalf of the respective inventors.


I was interrogated 6 times by the Chinese after my arrest who originally thought I might be a spy because in my home they found blueprints for three of my commercial aircraft designs including a 5 passenger air taxi, 24 passenger seaplane, and a SAR drone (search and rescue) that use electric engines and super economical to build and operate. Some sketches of these aircraft are exhibits in my federal court file in Brooklyn under case no. 08-CR-09 (EDNY – Judge Block).

• After my arrest it took more than 3 weeks for the Embassy to come see me. I was arrested in Beijing case no 0003240 but was not charged with any crime. I was told that my expired passport was an administrative violation (a misdemeanor) and my official punishment was a 10,000 yuan fine and “15 days administrative detention”. The police also told me that I would be released after the 15 days and given another 30 days to obtain a work visa (Z visa) so I could remain in China and work legally with a local Chinese partner to develop the disruptive water pollution technology that cleans polluted water within 5 minutes without using chemicals. I had previously given over a dozen demonstrations to Genertech, Beijing Water Authority, Tsinghua Holding Co, and private Chinese investors who wanted the exclusive rights for China for this this technology. I was scolded by U.S. officials previously for trying to help the Chinese government with their water pollution and secondary oil recovery problems since they discovered I had also given presentations to Sinopec, CNOOC, CNPC, and COSUL engineers and executives of another new green tech to recover over 6 billion barrels of super thick crude oil that is three times thicker than peanut butter invented by a friend of mine in New Jersey.

• When I came to China it was not really by choice but rather a matter of avoiding an illegal deportation that would prevent my return to my Canadian wife and children. My original plan was only for a 3-6 month working vacation to explore business and tech opportunities, and to finish up my book project which kept getting interrupted by agents of the U.S. government. MP Omar Alghabra, his former aide Elias, and Solicitor Drukarsh all knew of my plan which was actually their suggestion. However after I arrived in China, I leaned my Canadian wife was pregnant and being terrorized with two shooting incidents and death threats left on our family answering machine. I immediately tried to return home but was told by an Air Canada ticket agent manager that I could not buy any ticket to go home because I was on “the no-fly list”. Since I had previously held security clearances working as an FAA air traffic controller, U.S. Treasury agent, and a DoJ employee, and not being involved with any terrorists, I knew this was impossible, and first thought it was a bizarre mistake. When I contacted the U.S. embassy about it, the RSO said he did not know anything about it. He claimed he “will look into it and get back to you”. He never did.

• The information at and at is 100% true and accurate. I was tortured by U.S. officials a few years ago and still have the scars on my person from cigarette burns and forced injections of Thorazine when a reporter named Susan Candiotti tried to interview me with my neighbor and friend present (Mike Mansfield). You can refer to the medical reports of Dr. Walter Cohen, Dr. Palandi, and the witness statements of Erling Ingvaldsen, Gary Betzner, and Mr. Browning (A BOP officer). That story is told here

• Since 2001 a handful of people have been smearing me and spoofing me online with bogus claims and allegations. Most of them are paid JTRIG shills. My private investigator also caught someone in Pennsylvania trying to open a post-office box in my name while I was actually jailed in Immigration detention in Toronto Canada. I am not “a wanted pedophile”, “recovering drug addict” “wife beater” “closet alcoholic” nor do I have “a long history of bank fraud history” like the shills allege in an effort to quash my credibility. As you may, or may not know, the feds have well trained hacks and utilize the reciprocal services of JTRIG to destroy the reputations of government accusers as Glenn Greenwald discovered and exposed a few years ag here in a series of expose articles. Some of these clever bastards have opened user accounts in my name, hijacked or locked my email accounts, and posted some ridiculous or annoying comments in an effort to make me appear to be an unstable lunatic or psychopath. Often too, people who have supported me with favorable statements, affidavits of witnesses or court documents scans have had their comments deleted or links corrupted. Some of my long-time friends and witnesses in Miami have been harassed, told I was a dangerous and armed terrorist, and threatened with deportation, tax audits, and “legal problems” if they attempted to help me in any way. (See the statement of Mike Mansfield for example, an exhibit in my Canadian extradition and appeals court files for example.) Anything I post here at reddit will be under this user name unless and until I am banned for some reason.

• To be very clear, the vast majority of FBI, DEA, and Treasury agents are honest and decent people trying to do the right things and are willing to go after corrupt agents like Terry Nelson and Greg Coleman and even management, but their cases are always managed politically as they move up the chain of command since most of upper management are corrupt and politically appointed, selected, or “recommended” as I explain in my book, and as we all witnessed in the pre-2016 election cycle with FBI Director Comey and the fiasco with Hillary’s deleted emails. Any law school student would tell you that was an obvious case of “obstruction of justice”. But there is an unwritten code in government law enforcement and political circles “Don’t talk about my misdeeds and I won’t mention your crimes”. Honest agents are truly infuriated and frustrated with the current status quo, but if they want to move up, they must turn a blind eye, eventually partake in the corruption, or simply resign.

• Honest agents from the DEA, FBI, SEC, and RCMP visited and/or called me in China in efforts to help document crimes of Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, and Terry Nelson and I covertly recorded some of our conversations as insurance against more threats and false charges being made against my family and I. I had previously given similar recordings to Members of Canadian Parliament who also tried to help me, but one of three Canadian lawyers compromised me, and refused to cooperate with MP Paul Szabo. We later learned that this lawyer was himself arrested for child abuse and never disclosed to me for months that he was forced to resign from the RCMP after shooting an unarmed teen age boy in the back, (somewhere in the Yukon or Northwest Territories – I can’t recall now) and having an affair with a colleague’s wife. See: for details and

• Although my father helped volunteer with the election campaigns of Senator John Glenn and Congressman Ron Mottl of Ohio, when I was young, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican nor do I subscribe to either party since corruption does not play favorites. Roughly 20 years ago I actually believed both Senators Clinton and Biden were honest people until after I wrote them and FBI Director Robert Mueller a letter dated September 15, 2001 about FBI corruption and Saudi complicity in 911. Although they were provided with video and audio tape proof of my allegations, none of them would answer me in writing and Aaron Zebley of the FBI admonished me by telephone not to write any more letters to Director Mueller or members of Congress, since they were “already well aware of the matters you mentioned”, yet over the next 20 years, took no law enforcement action and did their very best to conceal all related evidence. You can read this letter which are found in links embedded in this article as well as an exhibit in my Canadian Supreme Court Case No. 31903 (BEFORE the 2012 “ELECTRONIC MODIFICATION”) which was made 5 years after the case was decided and closed!


• After traveling to China I learned much more about corruption involving both Mrs. Clinton and the Biden family and also of PM Stephen Harper (related to kick-backs on lumber deals and human trafficking) I reported some of these matters to honest RCMP personnel.

In 2014-2016, I was contacted in China by the son of a former vice president with a business offer of “cooperation” related to some technology I was promoting to Chinese investors who pressured me to work with this American. The inventor who I represented did not like approve of the JV deal that was proposed and accordingly I declined further contact with the American. In 2018 I was approached by a colleague of this American and offered a 10% commission to do political fund-raising in China for current Presidential candidate Joe Biden, and although I attended a meeting and was shown two legal opinion letters that the fundraising methods were “legal”, I did not think they were ethical and also feared that I was being set up for FCPA charges. So I ultimately declined the offer. But they used a beautiful young Chinese woman to insure that I never disclosed their very discreet operation in Beijing. Within 60 days of my meeting and declining to participate, I was arrested out of the blue for my expired visa/passport and then jailed incommunicado for roughly 485 days.

I was told by a very trusted/reliable Chinese official prior to my “release” that neither Secretary of State Pompeo nor President Trump were ever made aware of my predicament nor the negotiations involving the future return of Huawei CFO Meng to China after the 2020 elections if either a) my detention in China was prolonged indefinitely, or b) The Chinese allowed my rendition from China. After the 2020 elections, the charges against Mrs. Meng will be dismissed, presumably by President Biden.

• I truly believe that if not for the integrity of Federal Judges Jack Weinstein and Fred Block, I would still be locked away in some federal prison for the rest of my life. Btw… I do not have a single molecule of suicidal thoughts and am quite healthy, so if I suddenly expire in the near future, rest assured that it is not suicide and if anyone claims it was a “heart attack” be sure to search online “sux-induced heart attacks”.

The corrupt FBI agents that created years of false prosecution, harassment and intimidation against me are now both retired. They are FBI Terry Nelson of Miami, and Greg Coleman of New York, both of whom knowingly allowed/facilitated more than a dozen murders to take place by professional hitmen Colonel James Steele, Colonel George Griggs, and Robert Andrew Levene. Those murdered include Al Chalem, Ken Lay, Cliff Baxter, Scott Galin, Pierre Gonyou, Atty. Me) Stephen Finta, Barry Seal, George Morales, John Wheeler, Ted Gunderson, Rex Judd, and Paul Combs. Note: Egor Chernov (friends of Hillary Clinton) killed Rex Judd and another Russian named Michael took out Chalem (and honest FBI and DEA agents have agreed with me). Attempted murders were also made upon witnesses Erling Ingvaldsen, former DEA Agent Jurgen Schmidt, and myself. The last attempt on me was in August of 2013 when my Chinese teacher (a short chubby girl who dresses like a boy with hair no longer than my own was almost killed by a sniper from 1,800 yards away. The bullet missed her head by less than 2-4 inches. Here is her statement when her English was not perfect… . I did not explain what took place to her until after she gave her statement. The bullet was either 30.06 or 30.08 (it was a bit deformed after impact). Here is where the bullet entered and we calculated the shooter was on the rooftop of Renmin University (either the Mingde building or the old university directly across the street from Renmin’ s west gate). I was obviously not in a position to call the police, since I had an expired passport. I did report the incident to the honest RCMP and DEA agents who came to visit me in China.

• In 1994-1996 while working at American Financial group under the name of Tony DiMarco, I became aware of several past and present government officials who maintained secret Panama bank accounts at Morgan & Morgan whose managing director (Juan David Morgan) was first cousins with my boss Ed Chism, a 20+ year veteran executive of the U.S. Department of Justice as explained at this link and others I know to be true and accurate. I had attended 3 meetings with Juan David Morgan along with others, including 3 Canadian friends at Fisher Island, Turnberry Country Club, and the Aventura offices of AFG. I learned during my employment that a former FBI director, Attorney General, some federal judges, at least two FBI agents, Jeb and George Bush Sr. and General Manuel Noriega all had utilized the services of AFG and/or Morgan and Morgan for the purpose of concealing or laundering large amounts of money. It was also at AFG where I had my first contacts with Ken Lay, and Cliff Baxter of Enron (an unknown company at that time) in relation to an aborted attempt (due to the honesty of the CFO) to do a Reg S deal for an acquisition company called Portland. In 2000 I received a disturbing call from Ken Lay frantically trying to find and communicate with “Paul Taylor” (an alias for John Pierre Gonyou my Canadian friend and Miami neighbor who did an off-shore purchase of unregistered Enron shares on behalf of former VP Cheney in 1999, as later confirmed by John “Jack” Wheeler a top gun SEC investigator and presidential aide). At the time Lay called me looking for “Paul” he did not know that he had already been murdered (disguised as a heroin overdose when Pierre only smoked weed and occasionally indulged in cocaine – not heroin)

In my last conversation with Wheeler in 2011 I was advised that he planned to expose something he was once paid very well to cover up for George Bush Sr. after suffering an apparent “guilt attack” and unexplained “betrayal”. He claimed amongst other things that he had evidence of Cheney’s Enron adventure as well as some evidence that he also shorted shares of American and United Airlines “about 10 days before 911” through one of his many off-shore accounts. (I only knew of the two used for the Enron deal). At this time in 2011, I had secretly been corroborating with Wheeler, Mike Ruppert, Ted Gunderson, and to a lesser degree Rodney Stitch to update my book project. After Wheeler failed to show up for a meeting in Beijing, I learned he too had been murdered like Pierre, and another Enron/Cheney witness Al Chalem who admitted getting the same death threats I did. While I opted not to cooperate with the FBI, Chalem did so, and was murdered on their watch. It was Chalem’s murder that convinced me the death threats were real and expedited my relocation to my wife’s home town in Canada. See:

Also, while working at AFG, I also met Mrs. Noriega when she came in every month to pick up here “allowance” of $100,000 while her husband was jailed at MCC Miami and would call our office once or twice every month for our CEO with cryptic financial messages and Chism undertook a petition drive to get Noriega a new trial, and eventually had a huge argument with Bush Sr. over the matter who tried to shake him down for a huge financial donation to his son Jeb. This argument ended the friendship between Chism and Bush Sr. I also met Colonel James Steele of the U.S. Army at AFG offices who Chism introduced as his friend and former tennis partner from Panama. I was not privy to their conversation, but after Steele left the office, Chism told me he was a “cleaner” and officially an instructor at the Army’s school of the Americas in Panama where he and another instructor Colonel George Griggs trained special forces and foreign agents “how to kill people 50 different ways and make it look like an accident”. Although I was skeptical when hearing this, Chism’s wife Terry later told me she detested “that man” who she said “has no heart nor soul and was responsible for so many civilian deaths during the 1989 invasion (of Panama)” Later when I relayed some of this information to an honest FBI agent, he referred me to this link and told me to never piss of those guys and claimed they worked primarily for the Bush family. . Terry and her husband Eddie also gave me a video tape to watch called THE PANAMA DECEPTION which I urge every American citizen to watch, and then recall the lies the mainstream media peddled to us.


• In 1996 I had a payment dispute with AFG regarding some Saudi clients I had recruited through my friend Dr. Erling Pederson and his associate Tom McCormick an engineer in Dhahran. When I was stiffed by Chism for a $2million commission, I resigned and became an FBI informant in an effort to recover my lost money. I gave all the AFG files to an honest GS-13 FBI agent named Maury Berthon in Miami. Within 2 weeks he told me the information was “actionable and more than enough to prosecute and convict”.

Honestly I just wanted my $2 million for bringing in the Saudis who responded to a news article I got published in the Arab Times newspaper. The client was Al-Turki Development company whose CEO was Sulieman and a business partner of the House of Saud and Bin Laden’s father at one time, and personal friends with Prince Bandar who had previously been introduced to me in 1992 by oil broker Tom Coury Sr. and old friend of mine from Brookpark, Ohio (Read Chapter 26 of my book) when Bandar was the Ambassador in Washington, D.C. Anyway, Berthon was suddenly transferred from Miami to New Orleans and told me the FBI Director (Freeh at that time) took control off the case “for review”. The last I heard from Berthon, the FBI sat on the case due to the high profile clients for 5 years! By that time Mueller who had previously used AFG services under a different name must have warned/advised/suggested that officials pull out their funds, because in 2002, the SEC was sent in to quietly shut the company down. Apparently the SEC screwed up not knowing AFG was a front company and issued press releases that became full page stories in the Toronto Star and Miami Herald. Atty. John Ashcroft, and former Defense Secretary Weinberger, Paul Bremer, and Paul Wolfowitz, Federal Judge Moreno also had Panama Bank Accounts at Morgan & Morgan under various alias names and/or using IBCs and/or Trusts in the Bahamas/Cayman Islands to shield their identities. Former PM Mulroney and Stephen Harper also had similar accounts. I personally saw their paperwork and passport scans at AFG offices before it was delivered to Morgan & Morgan.

• Again I refer you to the Wall Street Crimes articles and how the Supreme Court saved Cheney’s ass from Prosecution by ordering his files and notes to be sealed, just like the old Texaco bankruptcy court files were sealed to conceal the Bush family oil deals with Saddam Hussein and his sons, as confirmed by former General Russel Bowen who wrote the book IMMACULATE DECEPTION.

• As for FBI agent Greg Coleman who is the FBI’s expert on “aggressive interrogation”, who did in fact come visit me in Canada in January/2001 and threaten to torture me “again” and “make your life miserable until you agree to play ball with me” he has been banned for human rights abuse in Russia (of all places) and this article exposes the tip of the iceberg. Although I cannot prove it, I have a gut feeling that Terry Nelson was responsible for my 90 days of physical and psychological torture in Miami back in 1986-1987. Statements from Dr. Walter Cohen, Prisoners Betzner and Ingvaldsen, and BOP Officer Browning confirm what I endured as I explain in this old article. also see as reference: Statements of witness can be found at scroll about half-way down.

• While in China the feds/JTRIG dirty tricks squad had blocked and/or locked me out of several of my own email accounts, blocked international calls and skype calls to my wife and kids, and covertly sabotaged a handful of business deals by smearing me with lies to prospective partners/investors. Over the span of one year, they also launched a psy-op against me to induce my suicide by spoofing messages and emails ostensibly from my wife and sending me a photo shopped photo of her supposedly having having sex with another man. Only after several weeks did I realize the photo was forged when I realized they neglected to pay attention to the details of my wife’s body. The face was definitely hers, but the body was not.

• I have reason to believe that Wheeler, Gonyou, Galin, Lay, and Baxter were murdered at the hands of Steele, Griggs, and Robert Andrew Levene (a rookie who screwed up). Both the FBI and I both know who killed Chalem as an honest FBI agent (now retired) admitted to me long ago. It was the same guy dispatched to come after me in Canada but fortunately RCMP Superintendent Ben Soave knew this man was a professional killer and assigned a protection unit to protect my family and I in Canada. Thank you Ben Soave, a man of the highest integrity. If not for him I would now being playing cards with Wheeler, Gonyou, Chalem, Lay, and Baxter. BTW… I also believe one of the same 3 killers were responsible for the murders of Michael Hastings and Seth Rich, and probably William Casey and Richard Helms as well. Regarding the “heart attacks” of Bill Casey, Ken Lay, and Steve Finta, I submit that they were chemically induced with “SUX”.

If you guys want to trash and bash me along with the govt. shills who will be here soon, be my guest. I never claimed to be an angel but I never cheated a soul out of single dollar and not paying my compromised lawyer Gilmour was no accident. After you learn what he did and didn’t do, you wouldn’t pay him more neither. Basically I paid that guy $30,000 to sell me out and he actually met with Nelson in Florida and Panama to collect a $100,000 bribe. He stayed at the Holiday Inn at Panama City and was seen there by two witnesses. After he “misplaced” my video and audio tape evidence that he sent to Mueller in the below letter, his child abuse court case in Brampton Ontario was magically sealed. But his arrest record of August 14, 2001 is still public record. And no matter what he or the Ohio court says now, I was prevented from testifying and Gilmour committed perjury as explained and proven in these three links:

Anyway, if you want to know about the devils in Washington and on Wall Street, an angel is not going to be your best source.

• I was asked and paid to participate in a covert government project called the China Trade Commission which I was falsely led to believe was going to be a trap sting operation to lure and catch corrupt government officials, but I withdrew from the project when I caught someone in a lie and realized I could be the one being set up! As far as I know, that group did not collect any money nor was anyone defrauded. Please keep in mind that over 1,000 front companies are operated by the U.S government around the world and about half of them actually operate legitimate businesses in order to collect information. Skype and Facebook have become two of these businesses and the FBI/CIA operate dozens of “translation”, “logistics”, “law firms”, and “freight forwarding” companies around the world – including China. In recent years they even started forming “foundations” and “trade organizations”.

• This is all I have to say about things, and I can see from reading your sub that you are all quite intelligent people and capable of reading between the lines. For the record, both FBI Agents Terry Nelson and Greg Coleman (now retired) had threatened me directly over the years. My book contains what is not appropriate to publish here. Ask the FBI to read a copy. What is posted here is the 2nd draft copy. While in China, I expanded the book by over 230 pages. But threats made against my wife and children are now preventing it's publication. If however anything happens to my wife, kids, or myself, arrangements have been made to publish the book on and 4 other international platforms.

The above comments are mine and mine alone and not those of I am prepared to face any accusers or those I named above in court of law or before a bipartisan U.S. Congressional committee investigation.