to the prime minister of my country

Subject: to the prime minister of my country
From: a confused brain
Date: 14 Nov 2016

sir .
i have been criticizing your political intentions since the day you took oath as a prime minister but somewhere deep down the line i had some positiveness towards you too , i thought you as prime minister you will definitely bring real change in this country and i am still sure you will be able to bring in changes , but i doubt your level of intelligence now after seeing the way you conducted your demonetization move .and i doubt you and your team level of intelligence for the national interest of the country ..

i am scared whether my future is secured under your leadership ..
i am just another guy who will like to ask you simple basics questions , i cant understand technicalities ..

firstly ,why did it take three to five days for your ministry to understand that special provisions need to made for senior citizens and disabled persons ??why was it not ordered before ??

Secondly ,were you not aware that atms needs to be re calibrated to accept new Rs 2000 notes for distribution ??
our ministry saying it had to be kept secret ,is that an excuse ??
because that could have done without making public notices as bank's internal up gradation and no one could have guessed that move as banning of old notes ....

Thirdly , does the Indian market have enough circulation of 100 rs rupee note , to face the change crisis of rs 2000.. now at this initial period these 2000 rs note needs to be changed only with 100 rs or lower denomination ?? and there is no substitute like 500 rs note to help in change ... anyways getting a change of rs 1000 was difficult for people before , now i think there is more trouble ...
i understand that now banks have started distributing 500 rs note , but is it not late now ??

fourthly, there are many small business units where cash is the way of doing transactions (ground reality ). and since you have put a halt on customers spending limit , dont you think their business will suffer loss for a few months ?? is there any way you can compensate on their monthly expenses and bills which is necessity for any business to survive ??will my landlord pardon my rent by showing my emotional concerns , will the electricity department waive of my electricity bill by showing my emotional concerns ???etc etc ..

fifth ,
i have not done anything wrong in my life , i have no criminal offense and i have no black money, i clear my taxes .so why is that i need to suffer because of this move ??i have been doing my every bit ,every day for the national interest of the country , then why suddenly i start suffering more just because you decided to change something overnight .. ??dont you think i have the right to use my hard earned money the way i want ,whenever i want ??unless i m not using for any evil purpose .. ??

these are some simple basic questions my brain is getting bombarded with ?? dont you think proper planning and execution could have been done in order to make this move a successful ??

please enlighten my brain ... peace and love ......
show some moves so that i can vote you back to power in the next election .....