Open Letter to Non-Tippers

Subject: Open Letter to Non-Tippers
From: Antonio
Date: 15 Apr 2020

Dear Non tippers,

Imagine being a server at a restaurant that just sat a 40-person table. The table orders and you must keep up on refills and make sure everything alright with the order as it’s coming out.

The big table leaves, and you are left with the biggest mess you have ever had in your life, but you worked hard and are waiting on the tip that the table leaves. As you are cleaning up, you see a couple dollars sitting on the table, so you put it to the side and finish cleaning, but as you finish, you don’t see anything else but four dollars. If it was just one or two people, you would be happy, but it was 40 PEOPLE and you worked your ass off and got FOUR DOLLARS. I bet you would be pissed because I know for a fact I was.

If you can't afford to tip your server or driver, don’t eat out or order delivery.

It's that simple, so... just don't do it.

The server or driver might not look mad at you, but I can guarantee you are someone they don’t like.

In my two years of serving and driving, I’ve been stiffed on orders that you should clearly TIP ON. I’ve had people make me wait outside because they had to finish taking a shower and still have been stiffed. The amount of times people stiff delivery drivers and servers is ridiculous, and it’s getting out of control: If I deliver 20 pizzas to your party, you would think getting a tip is guaranteed, but it isn’t because people feel like they don’t have to.

You should almost always tip. If you get your food, and it doesn’t taste good or it takes a long time to get it, you still should tip. The server isn’t the one who prepares your food, so why do they need to get punished for it? Even if your server messes up your order, YOU STILL NEED TO TIP. Your tip is the main source of income for a server and just because of a mistake doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get paid. Serving can be really hard, especially if they also have other tables, and it can be very overwhelming.

The same should apply to ordering delivery.

Just because your order is taking an hour to arrive, it doesn’t mean it's your drivers' fault. Delivery times go up because how busy the drivers are with deliveries. That hour wait is most likely due to the drivers being overwhelmed with deliveries due to it just being very busy or a driver called in leaving the others suffering with the result of it SO YOU SHOULD STILL TIP because they are working hard. Drivers also have to deal with the excessive wear on their car so because you are too lazy to get up SO TIP. People also assume the delivery charge counts as a tip and I can't stress this enough THIS IS NOT TRUE THEY DON’T GET A PENNY OF IT.

Next time you get mad and blame your server/driver for everything take a second to look around and think is it really the driver's fault.