Bitcoin Buyers Beware! 80% of all articles posted online since the "May Plunge" are hype, traps, and propaganda posted by upside-down traders, brokers, and clever identity thieves. Can YOU really survive this bear market?

Subject: Bitcoin Buyers Beware! 80% of all articles posted online since the "May Plunge" are hype, traps, and propaganda posted by upside-down traders, brokers, and clever identity thieves. Can YOU really survive this bear market?
From: An Objective Market Observer
Date: 31 May 2022

For those of you who have maybe invested more than you should have into Bitcoin, this article may save your holdings provided you don't panic.

Down below are links all the brokers, traders, and exchanges hope you don't read. Instead they prefer you listen to their calming sales pitches so they can build up enough trading volume to dump and run themselves. Yes, Bitcoin has enjoyed a 5 year bull run and now has corrected itself. We are in the beginning of a deep bear market, that could very well be the last days of bitcoin IF the Central Bankers and elite schemers of the WEF have their way. Here is what is happening behind the scenes...

The NWO globalists funded by the Central Banksters, billionaire oligarchs and Big Tech have a master plan in place to have a one world digital currency that can be monitored and controlled by the government 24/7. Bitcoin and and every other cryptocurrency is a pesky obstacle to this goal. So as you read these very words they have, with the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the European Central Bank have been have been scheming to create the current crypto bear market, with their propaganda, shorting, and creation of restrictive laws and treaties.

They have also eliminated the privacy of bitcoin (as Edward Snowden and Bruce Schneier confirmed at and WIRED magazine has exposed the truth about blockchain security - it is not bullet-proof as we were told. Snowden gave his comprehensive full analysis of Bitcoin which was frankly both shocking and downright worrisome;

China's government did something amazing that may soon force the U.S. dollar out of a job as the world's international currency. The Chinese Central Bank has issued a gold-backed digital currency that is now rolling out, just as they have outlawed any crypto competition, and are locking up citizens who ignore the 2021 law and buy bitcoin when traveling or living abroad.

The truth is that you as a crypto investor, are being misled with hype and promos to keep you calmly buying into the market to collectively push it back up. But when the WEF, QFS, and "new normal" officially kick in, they will set an arbitrary deadline to end all crypto currencies, except their's of course, and the resulting sell-off panic will leave everyone taking a loss except those original investors who came into bitcoin before the 2017 jump.

Also, why is nobody telling you that roughly one in every twelve bitcoin investors get scammed out of their fortune within months by one of 300+ known scammers, or by an exchange worker who also fronts for an identity thief? Here is the Crypto Scam forum that is deliberately down-voted every day in an effort to hide it from a million newbies every week; .

So what can you do? First, stay calm and don't panic. Then start reading and stop listening to brokers and traders who always find some reason for you to hold or buy even more. They care about their position, not yours. As for reading, start here and you will get a broader view of reality; .

Finally, IF and only if you agree with what you read and investigate, and IF you cannot afford to lose at least half of what you invested in Crypto, especially Bitcoin, slowly sell-off your holdings, but no more than 2% a day. When you get to the 50% point of your portfolio, stop and re-evaluate what has transpired in the market and make a deep dive into the news to check on the Central Bankers, the WEF, and QFS. If George Soros is still shorting Bitcoin, it is time to resume your sell-off before the imminent collapse.

Bitcoin has made an incredible ascent, and most experts agree it has already peaked at 69,000 and will never fly to that altitude again. Optimism is a great thing for sure, but there are simply too many geo-economic forces in play beyond our control. Should one more world crisis erupt unexpectedly or the Russian-Ukraine War expand into WWIII, we all be left holding bags of air deemed to be illegal and worthless by a government still seeking total control over its citizens. It all comes down to common sense and logic friends. Use the brain God gave you, carefully analyze your financial chessboard, while you can still make some good moves to avoid a fatal checkmate.