IRS looking out for us, so nice of them

Subject: IRS looking out for us, so nice of them
From: Ves
Date: 22 Feb 2022

This goes out to the IRS. I got a letter from you today asking if the tax return that's filed with my name, my bank account, and my social security number was actually filed by me? Because you're looking out for me to prevent identity theft. Well, isn't that nice of you.

Though I am a bit confused. You have my name, my social security number, my bank account (where I had to establish who I was), my tax return that I filed through Turbo Tax (which has only information I would know), and you even sent a letter to my address, via USPS which is a Federal Agency... But you need to verify it's actually me filing the tax return?

Good thing is you gave me some options.
1. I can go up to and set up an account and send them my license, a selfie, and give them information that can only be found on my tax return.
2. I can call a 1-800 number.
3. I can come in, in person to talk to an IRS agent about it.
And on top of it, the letter says although I'm required to respond within 30 days, you will work with me as long as necessary to get it resolved, but you can't process my return until this gets resolved.

So, basically, since I'm getting a refund, you're not going to give me my money, until I do as you request. And you'll hold my money as long as it takes for me to comply.

Ok, so I called your 1-800 number, but because of "high call volume" I was repeatedly hung up on. "Try later or try another day" the recording says. So, you set up a phone number that can't handle the expected volume of calls?

And actually, while listening to the recording, apparently given the form number I received, the notification in the mail, this phone number is not an option. So the options are either go to and set up an account, or go see an IRS agent.

Ok, so I went to the site, set up an account and they want my biometric information; a copy of my license and a selfie video of me. They also want to know certain information off my tax forms which only I would know. Or is that you who wants to know what's already written on my tax forms, with my SS number, my bank account, my name and my address?

So, you're looking out for my identity, by having me set up personal information on a third party site ( How exactly does having my personal information in more places, protect my identity? I would think the fewer places that my information exists the better off I would be. Yet here you are basically coercing me into doing it, because if I don't, you'll hold my money.
Apparently as long as it takes.

Just curious, is this a two way street, if you can set unilateral requirements, like I have to respond within 30 days, can I say you have to send an agent to my house within 7 days, because I don't want my tax return tied up, so get on the stick. I suppose not, huh? It's a one way conversation, and you'll hold my money long as it takes. That's what you said, you'll work with me as long as necessary. That's so nice of you.

I'm so glad we have you guys looking out for our best interests.

Have a great day!

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