Open letter to Teamviewer

Subject: Open letter to Teamviewer
From: A dissatisfied User
Date: 15 Dec 2019

I have been contact staff of teamviewer to seek help from to have my subscription terminated. I sent emails, made phone calls, even posted on teamviewer community.
So far my request has either been rejected or ignored because of a condition stipulating an advance notice of at least 28 days in advance. I admitted I was a few days when I made my first contact regarding this. Yet I do not understand why there is this condition, which does not make any sense. Does it take 28 day to complete the paperwork when it comes account termination? I doubt it.

And when teamviewer debits subscription fee, it debits the sum total for an entire year. And now the situation is that I am told that I have to make the payment for a service that I will not use anymore because it is too late to cancel the order. And I will have to pay the annual fee for it.

I have made mistake on my part, but I don't think this is fair. I want to appeal to teamviewer to reconsider my case and arrange for the termination of my account.