Our Great Indians Were So Much Fun For Us! Sharing another great memory with my Bestest Buddy Vince DiMarco (Message 5)

Subject: Our Great Indians Were So Much Fun For Us! Sharing another great memory with my Bestest Buddy Vince DiMarco (Message 5)
From: Your Dad - Appa DiMarco
Date: 13 Mar 2020

Today is March 12, 2020 Vince and I just mailed you letter 23 since I got back to America last August. I have not heard back from you so I'm thinking maybe someone is taking your mail because you were never a lazy kid. I sent you a few photographs and a poem I want you to read to your mom and another for grandma for me. I am really worried about you buddy so please give me a call or send me your telephone number to AppaDiMarco {at} yahoo.com and I will call you. I tried to call you at JMS but nobody ever answers the phone! (Always Voicemail).

Anyway, this is my favorite photo that is on the back of my bedroom door and when I was in China all those years it resided in the center of my refrigerator door. Coaching your Little League baseball team was a lot of fun for me buddy - how about you?

We had so many good players heh? And nobody would believe the best pitcher in our little league was Joelle - a girl! And of course Isaiah was a fearless catcher -not afraid of anything. Samir with his long spider arms was perfect for first base, and you picked the safest place on the field to play - right field! In the beginning you were so afraid to make a mistake. You did not get a lot of action out there, but when you did, you did everything just right and I was always so proud of you. I kept thinking that sooner or later you'd get nervous and make a big mistake like Ricardo did in he Championship game, but nope - you stayed focused and were so calm and cool as a cucumber. At least that's what I saw on the outside. Were you nervous on the inside buddy or did you just know you could handle anything that came your way?

I remember the great barbecues and snacks we'd share after the games and how happy everyone was until we lost the Championship just as we were about to win it with Ricardo on third base - do you remember? You were one of only five kids who didn't cry and I remember how hard you tried to cheer up Ricardo after he screwed up. You have a kind heart Vince and that is such an important quality to have - especially today when everyone is so selfish these days.

But please remember not trust people just because they flash you a smile and claim to be your friend. You should be suspicious of anyone who is too nice to you, because they may just want something from you,even more so when you get older. Don't just give your trust to everyone buddy, make them earn it.

Of course, if it's a girl being extra sweet, pay attention, because she maybe that special one, but don't be in a rush to make that BIG decision. Spend time together and see if she's a good friend first and foremost. Do you remember Huni? She was your big fan. What happened to her? Do you still see her around?

Most o all Vince, remember that the most important thing in a family is loyalty. No matter if things are good or bad, we don't abandon each other - ever. But sometimes you have to understand, that when someone in the family is in a really painful or dangerous situation, they may not want to drag the whole family down into that misery. When my enemies were threatening to kill me Vince, they even started to threaten your mom, and even you https://sinistersecrets.wordpress.com and Ihad to keep the danger away from Mississauga and directed at me in China. There was never a single day where I didn't want to be home with you, Dylan. and mom

Buddy there's a whole lot I want to share with you, but privately would be so much better. Mom may be angry that I was stuck solongin China but I told you in my other letters, that with my expired passport and the U.S. embassy that refused to renew it for me,my options were not many. I tried shipping myself home in a crate, snuck aboard a Japanese freighter, tried to bribe a Mongolian Air Freight pilot to take me with him to Canada and even got beaten and robbed in Vietnam trying to buy a Vietnamese passport. Buddy, i had only two last resorts left and mom said she would divorce me if I did one of them. My last resort was to secretly "borrow" a 42 foot sailboat and sail home in June when the Pacific Ocean would be calm. As you may now, The Chinese police were paid to arrest me on April 11, 2018 spoiling my family reunion plans.

You and I both know what mom did, but you knew way before me, and as my son, you should have had told me what was going on. Best Buddies and family members don't keep secrets from one another, especially secrets that threaten to make problems for our family or cause it to suffer. We all make mistakes Vince and that's okay so long as we learn from them and don't make the same mistake twice. And one really important thing about families Vince, we have to forgive one another when any of us make a dumb mistake.

But even more important than forgiveness is communications. Why? How can we understand why or how mistakes were made if we cannot communicate with one another. We are not psychic and without talking to one another how can we possibly understand each other? And if we can't understand each other, how do we forgive each other's mistakes. People are not garbage or old toys to be thrown away because you found a new toy Vince, especially family members.

I don't know WHAT your mother may have told you in my absence to justify why she did some dumb things for our family but I want to make sure she told you the truth. She may have done something out of frustration, desperation, or loneliness, but every child of every family deserves to have a real father that loves them and protects them and teaches them. When I asked you about Dylan, you told me that he was getting better all the time and that he didn't forget me. Mom simply told me that he is retarded and that he forgot about me. Well you were there with Dylan the last time we spoke and he remembered by name, said he loved me and wanted me to come home. So what is the truth Vince? I really need to know.

Do you think I don't love Dylan simply because he has a medical problem? Do you love him any less as a brother? Well, I don't feel any different about him than you do buddy except I am not able to hug him every day and remind that his Daddy loves him. Do you think this is right? Do you think I don't deserve to know the truth? Did I ever lie to you? Don't you feel any desire or obligation to be truthful with me as my son Vince. Did I ever hurt or fail you as a father? I am reaching out to you buddy. Do you want me to blowout of your life like an old newspaper on a gusty day?

I think you need to find out whose been swiping your mail and the two gifts I sent you that never reached your hands. Why does someone want you to forget me so badly? When I was earning $50,000 a month (when I met your mom) everything was simply grand. Even when we were earning $25,000 a month in Toronto with our call center, we didn't have any insurmountable issues. But when I was forced to go to China and could send home limited funds it seems I became suddenly useless as a husband. But when I finally saved up a large amount of money I had no way to send it home without a valid passport, and mom ignored my messages to come pick it up. Is this when she found someone else to help pay the bills? Is this a money thing Vince or am I wrong about my gut feeling? Remember,I told you I am not psychic buddy,so please help me understand what happened to our family.

I am counting on you for the truth. Please share it with me so my trust and faith you remains solid like the rock it has always been. And if you think there is another reason why I was in China so long, just go here and read buddy. https://opnlttr.com/letter/official-statement-bruce-gorcyca-jailed-485-d.... Now do you see why I could not call you nor anyone else on this this planet for 485 days? If you need to know something,please just ask me Vince. I love you and I will never lie to you.

If you did not get my mail at least look for the other 4 messages I posted for you here in the Family section. I hope you will call or text me soon at 646-X34-5X17 (The first x is the month of your birth and the second X is the month of Dylan's birth).

Vincent help me keep my promise to you and Dylan, no matter what you were told until I know for sure it was the truth. If you have any doubts start here... https://www.scribd.com/lists/17980642/Bruce-Gorcyca-Seized-Book-Manuscripts

I love you always and forever - Appa