Open Letter To PM Narendra Modi

Subject: Open Letter To PM Narendra Modi
Date: 15 Nov 2016

After seeing the long queues outside the banks and the post office , I was bit worried about the current scenario. There were many questions in my mind like "Are these 50 days enough for Our people to get there currency exchanged ??" or "Are the no. of banks in our country is enough to cater 125 Cr people?" or "Do we have any other Solution , by which we can accelerate the currency exchanging procedure ??" .

I Think We have.

India is the world largest Democracy, We have the highest no. of voters around the world and If we can manage So much no. of voters during Elections with the help of our Respected Teachers and Schools , Then I think in this need of hour We can ask them to Support the nation.

As I have calculated that a school can easily cater 10k-20k (As per the Size of the School) People in a day , Where as a Bank Branch can only cater 800-2000 people in a day.
A School is a big space as compare to the banks , So there will be no queues on the roads , People will not have to stand in the lines for hours as there will much large number of Counters as compare to the banks.

So , if Govt. can use Schools as a currency exchange point on Saturday and Sunday (Or on Any Public Holiday) only instead of Banks then also there will be a relief for People of our country and This will also help in acceleration of this Program and there will be no panic situation and May be there will be no need of any extension of the date for Currency Replacement. #PMOIndia #Arunjatli #rbi #India #demonetization #narendramodi Narendra Modi PMO India Arun Jaitley @RBI @HMOIndia Rajnath Singh