Message No. 7 For my Bestest Buddy Vince DiMarco in Toronto from your isolated father who needs to hear your voice soon.

Subject: Message No. 7 For my Bestest Buddy Vince DiMarco in Toronto from your isolated father who needs to hear your voice soon.
From: Appa DiMarco
Date: 30 Apr 2020

Hi Vince, how are you buddy?

As I sat in the Emergency room of Lennox Hill Hospital recently I was truly scared for the first time in my life. I was scared that this picture of you which was taken the last time I saw you as you departed Beijing International Airport would be the last time I would see your smile. That day was one of the saddest days I had to endure,but not even close to the devastation when your mother told me last Christmas that she had divorced me while I was working abroad. She never once told me she wanted a divorce or was planning to get one Vince. It just came out of the blue as I was on my way to Canada to be with the only family I have for Christmas.

I thought for sure from our last conversation on the phone that it would be a happy and joyous reunion for all of us. Instead it was like I was suddenly hit by lightning and too stunned to even react. The pain was deep and excruciating since there was no explanation for the divorce. Your mom and I did not have any argument and I had not cheated on her. Never in my our 20 years of marriage did I ever lay a hand on her so I was more than puzzled buddy. To be frank, I was in trauma. Nothing in life is more painful than the betrayal of your soulmate. It is an agony I hope you never have to experience Vince.

So as I sat in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come back with my test results, I did not fear dying of this Corona Virus, but I feared dying without every hearing your voice again or hugging you and just talking with you about why I no longer have a family and why mom gave me phony telephone number for you, so I would have no way o speak with you and find out the truth. She knows we never once lied to one another and their must be something so bad that she cannot share the truth with me. Of course I fear the worst and resist believing that she met someone else that could possibly persuade her that he was more important than our family. I hope to God I am wrong, and if I am, I want you to be the one to tell me buddy, since mom can't, or won't. In my mind, one cannot devote 20 years to a life partner without giving some explanation for a split.

Fortunately I did not have the Corona virus and the doctor said my migraines and other symptoms were stress-related, and I was sent home. Of course my true home is in Mississauga with you and Dylan Vince, but mom will not even let me speak to you guys,my own flesh and blood. Can you ask her why? I really need to know why I cannot speak with my own sons.

In life we all make dumb mistakes from time to time Vince, and if mom made one of those, I love her enough to forgive her, but when we spoke she was so confident and adamant that she never wanted to see me again it made me think someone has told her something false and ugly about me or ????????

To be honest Vince, I cannot bear to wake up every day without the chance to see and talk with you like we used to. After so many years abroad in China I was so looking forward to shooting bollards and playing tennis and golf with you and teaching you how to ride motorcycles, sail a boat, and teaching you how to scuba dive and taking you to Puerto Rico where I once had my dive shop when as a PADI scuba instructor when I was 3 years older than you are right now. It was a fun time for me, and I home you to are having good fun in your life too right now.

Vincent, if mom fell out of love with me, I can accept that, but I need to know that you were told the truth about why and how we got separated for so long. It was not ever planned for sure and as told you on the phone the American government agent I had reported for multi-million dollar corruption. Some of it is reported here but it is only the tip of a huge iceberg buddy. Momtoldme five years ago that she would not tell you the until you were 21 because she did not want to scare you. I guess I can respect her point of view about that. But now that you have reached that milestone in life, it was for your safety and mom's that I asked you to move to China and stay with me and as you can see here the bad guys played very dirty with me... And the same day that I was threatened in Beijing this happened when you were only 9 years old at our house in Canada and mom was threatened too. Somehow our marriage endured that very scary period and I was persuaded not to publish my book which I had reconstructed after the FBI stole the original copy from your Grandmother's house in Ohio, which you might want to read buddy Anyway, maybe mom was just tired of the drama and wants a quieter life without me. I guess she deserves that but not telling me anything just isn't right Vince.

I want to change the subject to something more pleasant and that is your education, your REAL education, not what you learn at the university. In that regard let me leave you with some videos that I found super interesting and hope you will too!

Vincent my son, if this message gets to your eyeballs, PLEASE call me at 646-X34-5X17. The first Xis the month of your birth nd the second X is the month of Dylan's birth. There are thing you must here from my mouth before I pass on, not your mother's. I speak for myself buddy. For now please know that I love you unconditionally for as long as I breathe and I want nothing more than to be close to again, as we were hen you were growing up. I will always be your father and can solve any problems that you might have but communications are essential Vince. Please let me hear from you.