Bruce Gorcyca was the first of 5 people to report corrupt FBI Agent Terry Nelson for smuggling $100 million of drugs into Canada. After Nelson was arrested by RCMP, witnesses were jailed on false charges. PM Harper & Senators Biden & Clinton complicit

Subject: Bruce Gorcyca was the first of 5 people to report corrupt FBI Agent Terry Nelson for smuggling $100 million of drugs into Canada. After Nelson was arrested by RCMP, witnesses were jailed on false charges. PM Harper & Senators Biden & Clinton complicit
From: Canada's Conscience
Date: 7 Mar 2020

Former U.S. Justice Department officer and U.S. Treasury agent Bruce Gorcyca was not the only whistle-blower but the first and most determined person to expose corrupt FBI agent Terry Nelson of Florida for smuggling over $100,000,000 million of cocaine & heroin (street value more than $1B) a year into Canada. He made his first report in 1990-1991 to the Miami FBI field office. He would make two more reports to the FBI's OPR branch (Internal Affairs) and again a few years later to the RCMP.

Senior FBI Agent Terry Nelson was hand-picked by George H. Bush to replace Oliver North after he was rudely outed by Congressional investigators Ralph Maestri and Jack Blum in the Iran-Contra scandal. The smuggling did not stop, it was simply rerouted from shipments to Homestead Air Force Base just South of Miami, to more remote destinations on Indian reservations in Canada that border on Montana in the West and Vermont & NewYork in the East. Before Oliver North, Bush did business with Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa through front men Barry Seal and Don Arronow, both of whom he had murdered after they became exposure risks.

Jeb Bush and Donald Gregg were assigned to coordinate the finances of the operation. In Gorcyca's book that was seized bythe FBI, there is a detailed operational chart of the ring that included three personal friends of Gorcyca's (including 2 pilots and a point man from Norway named Erling Ingvaldsen, an honest man who was extorted to work for Nelson as explained in Gorcyca's book. It was Ingvaldsen and Colombian Renee Benitez who introduced Gorcyca to Nelson who wanted someone bi-lingual with political contacts in Puerto Rico (where Gorcyca was a civic leader and lived for 7 years). Nelson wanted Gorcyca to set up a an airstrip in Western Puerto Rico, and fake air freight company, and offered a huge salary to do it with bonuses if Gorcyca agreed to also fly a few "decoy flights" from Colombia. Despite the lucrative offers, Gorcyca declined. The offers got better, but Gorcyca stood firm, and then reported Nelson.

Before Nelson was finally arrested by the RCMP red-handed with a planeload of cocaine in Weyburn, Saskatchewan by the RCMP in 1997, he would also be reported by former FBI Supervisor Ted Gunderson, former CIA pilot Eugene "Chip" Tatum, retired Navy Captain Rodney Stitch, and the elders of the Assinibone Sioux Indian Tribe as you can see in the photo above and the attached video interview with Chip Tatum in 1994 made with Gunderson, or you can read about it in the Tatum Chronicles found here at this link: In both sources you will see that Tatum confirms meeting Nelson at the Bush family home in South Florida.

After Nelson and a Canadian accomplice named Mike Huxtable were arrested, they posted bail and then promptly fled the country. Before the next court date however, Don Gregg and Jeb Bush arrived in Ottawa to resolve the "misunderstanding" and for $3 million dollars the court case was sealed. Three months later, Nelson resumed his smuggling now with the help of RCMP Pierre Jeanette in Montreal and another fellow well known by Canadian law enforcement as Ross Fischetti.

After a drive by shooting failed to kill Gorcyca in Miami and numerous death threats (related to another crime Gorcyca reported regarding Dick Cheney's Enron adventures with three more of Gorcyca's friends; Pierre Gonyou, Al Chalem & Scotty Galin) Gorcyca decided to move to Canada with his wife and new-born son, right after Al Chalem was murdered after he agreed to be and FBI informant. Oddly, he was shot 10 times while under the 24/7 watch of the FBI, who still claim they cannot solve the murder, even though Gorcyca John Wheeler, and others have already done so.

Fast forward to 2000 when the harassment and intimidation followed Gorcyca to his wife's hometown in Canada and the RCMP end up assigning a protection unit to protect their family from a known hitman spotted in the area. Gorcyca gave audio and video evidence of massive corruption to Canadian MPs and asked for asylum in Canada via a refugee claim filed by Immigration expert Atty. Marshal Drukarsh in Toronto and the claim would later be updated in Geneva, Switzerland.

Instead of getting a refugee hearing however, Gorcyca was charged with a fabricated extradition hearing based on a crime of alleged "conspiracy to commit wire fraud" in which there were no victims, and no money lost nor gained, other than the life savings of Gorcyca seized illegally by the SEC at a hearing in which Gorcyca was not even invited. Even though all of though fake charges were dismissed in 2007 and again in 2019, Gorcyca is still waiting for the return of his monies.

The pressure increased on Gorcyca to "cooperate" (i.e. plead guilty to the false charges and tell the FBI who else knows about their corruption and that of Mr. Cheney.) He is detained 10.5 months in Maximum Security lock-down by. get this... Immigration Canada, even though his wife and son are Canadian citizens and that he entered Canada legally with his own passport, and did not over-stay. Atty. Drukarsh submitted affidavits to this effect.

Now things get really interesting when the same video and audio tapes given to Canadian officials are sent by FEDEX to FBI Director Robert Mueller, with identical packages being sent to SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON, SENATOR JOSEPH BIDEN, and two FBI Agents named Tom Doktor (Honest) and Greg Coleman (Dishonest). You can read this letter in part at these links below and all of it in Gorcyca's book if it is ever published. Be sure to note the date of this letter...

The book was leaked online at a website for lawyers called that was shut down by court order right before the 2016 Presidential elections, and someone managed to copy and re-post some of chapters here:

A Private Investigator was hired to sort fact from fiction in order to stop the phony extradition and get Gorcyca his refugee hearing. Private investigator Reiken wrote this letter here... along with an 11 page sworn report that became part of an official Law Society complaint Gorcyca filed against one of his 4 lawyers who was compromised and admitted that he "misplaced the tapes" and a hand-written letter from key witness Pierre Gonyou. At the following link you can read that law society complaint which also contains 30 "interesting" legal exhibits. including this letter from an investigative journalist...

The Canadian Supreme Court refused to involve themselves in this matter and would not accept the fresh evidence of this explosive report from Private Investigator Ed Reiken:

So why the hell didn't Gorcyca just publish the damn book already??? Three reasons...



3. Five of Gorcyca's friends and fellow witnesses have been murdered all within 2 years of each other.

To end this horror story, be advised that both corrupt FBI agents Greg Coleman and Terry Nelson have retired as millionaires with homes in various countries, Mueller as always, evades responsibility, and Senators Biden and Clinton handled the matter differently... Senator Clinton offered to "fix" the problem for a $500,000 campaign contribution, as detailed here and Senator Biden, then head of the U.S. Judiciary Committee shirked his responsibility and said he would "refer the matter to the FBI" even though the FBI was obviously part of the problem and Biden even agreed! Mr. Biden's office would never again address the matter verbally nor in writing even after watching and listening to the tapes. Willful ignorance of a crime in progress by a U.S. official is in itself a crime.

I almost forgot, corrupt FBI Agent Greg Coleman, (implicated in allowing the murder of FBI witness Paul Combs in another case) was assigned to the task of framing Gorcyca in the stock fraud extradition matter. Coleman was also banned from Russia for torturing and kidnapping people, and is exposed quite well in a book entitled MURDER ON THE ANDAMAN SEA written by a millionaire witness who barely escaped a murder attempt himself after Coleman allowed him and his wife to be tortured by Russian Egor Chernov, a friend of Hillary Clinton who assisted with the infamous Uranium One deal. Impossible you say? Just watch the 60 Minute stories about John Salvatti and Whitey Bulger and then reconsider the integrity of the FBI and Mr. Mueller.

Well now it's time to go feed my dogs and watch some fake news on the tube for solely entertainment purposes. I can now better understand why people in America don't bother to vote any more. I will just leave you yanks with two questions... Who polices the FBI and why on Earth do you Americans allow your President to appoint the FBI Director?