It's Veterans Day - If you think all homeless veterans are drunks, psychos, or drug addicts - Guess Again. This vet speaks three languages, has three degrees, was a Fortune 500 executive and now needs YOUR help.. He reported over $1B of govt. crimes

Subject: It's Veterans Day - If you think all homeless veterans are drunks, psychos, or drug addicts - Guess Again. This vet speaks three languages, has three degrees, was a Fortune 500 executive and now needs YOUR help.. He reported over $1B of govt. crimes
From: A fellow homeless veteran
Date: 11 Nov 2023

65- year old military veteran Bruce Gorcyca jailed over five years based on unsigned detention orders after being rendered from China where he finished rewriting his seized book manuscripts about $1B of FBI and other government crimes. Guess who seized his book manuscripts?

Before reading the two links below you should first know that this vet was rendered out of China with a ruse taken out of a Tom Cruise "Mission Impossible" movie and he is married 20+ years with two young sons he has not been able to hug in over ten years. His 12 year-old became autistic after getting the measles vaccine as a toddler.

This is not a hoax folks. Do your homework on the below but beware that a professional smear job was launched against this man years ago that included impersonation, spoofing, and exactly what Glenn Greenwald explains in his 2014 article here and reddit mod shills have deleted over 800 posts of users who submitted independent evidence supporting this man's claims that two different RCMP superintendents (Ben Soave and Yves Goupil) verified to be "true and accurate" after both men personally spoke with Bruce and Peter Besson of their organized crime division debriefed for more than 10 hours. Most all of the above is a matter of court record in both New York, Ontario Superior Court, Ontario Court of Appeals, and The Supreme Court of Canada Case no. 31903.

Also keep in mind that these hidden zealots have been kept quite busy with this matter after all the fake charges against Gorcyca were dismissed by two federal judges Furthermore, Google's operation jigsaw gang refuses to remove all the fabricated disinformation online that comes across as credible because it is mixed together with actual facts. So when you see one or two things that check out, you will wrongly assume it must all be true.


The attached unsigned federal detention order caused an honorably discharged U.S. veteran to be jailed 90 days for charges that were already dismissed by the oldest federal Judge in America (Jack B. Weinstein) more than a decade ago! Those charges were dismissed following an eight-year extradition battle from Canada where no charging documents (a legal requirement) were presented for more than seven years. But that pales to the seven years the FBI arranged for him in Canada, the U.S. and even 485 consecutive days in China without any charges. WTF you ask?

This veteran has been hounded, harassed and hunted for 30 years ever since he collected the evidence that former Miami FBI agent Terry Nelson (now retired) was smuggling plane loads of cocaine into indian lands in Canada where he was ultimately arrested red-handed by the RCMP. Nelson was working for George Bush Sr. and his son Jeb. See details here
That was not the first time this vet blew the whistle, but it was the largest crime he exposed – more than $1Billion over a 15-year period which linked the Bush family to the smuggling operation that was confirmed by both General Noriega and the most senior agents of the DEA. and also here at

When the FBI buried former IRS whistleblower Bruce Gorcyca in fake charges more than 30 years ago, then kept them coming for two more decades, nobody knew the FBI also seized book manuscripts from his mother's home at gun-point without a court order.

Nobody knew that Bruce was also the one who exposed an $87 million fraud committed by a retired DOJ Executive Edward Chism Sr. to the FBI who knew General Noriega was both a client and partner in Chism's company AFG that Bruce infiltrated.

Nobody knew that Bruce could prove that FBI Director Robert Mueller, along with Senators Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton knew about Saudi and Mossad involvement in 911 within ten days of the attack!

As the attack happened Bruce was on the phone with an honest FBI agent friend telling him about Faisal Shahin the Mossad asset who admitted making the fake passports, IDs, and credit histories for the Saudi hijackers some of whom never even came to America. Bruce was detained with Faisal Shahin in Canada in maximum security by Immigration Canada to hide them both from curious Toronto Star reporter Tracy Tyler.

Nobody knew that Bruce witnessed transactions at AFG that prove General Noriega and George Bush Sr. were business partners, and that DEA Director John Lawn also knew it and resigned in protest. Colombian coffee magnate and drug dealer Alberto Duque owned City National Bank where Gorcyca saw tens of millions of dollars delivered and laundered monthly from AFG where he worked. Duque would later admit from prison that he was partners with Jeb Bush “who had Oliver North and crooked FBI agents handling all the logistics of the shipments”.

Nobody knew that Bruce and two of his associates Pierre Gonyou and Al Chalem were asked to secretly buy non-traceable Enron shares for Dick Cheney off-shore months before the scandal caused American citizens to lose $300 million.

And nobody knew all three men became FBI informants in the matter or that two of them were promptly murdered. and There were also five attempts to kill Gorcyca as well - in three different countries. (see affidavits of Toronto Detective Bailey and other eye-witnesses at

Nobody knew that Gorcyca reported that George Bush Sr. and his son Jeb were the biggest cocaine smugglers in the world following the hostile takeover of Colombians Pablo Escobar and the Ochoa Brothers.

Nobody knows that politicians hire convicted felons to be their proxies for huge crimes. Why? Because if they are caught, nobody will believe a man with a criminal record and the pols can merely deny any links or knowledge of the crimes. Those that have collected substantial evidence however (like George Morales, Jack Wheeler, Al Chalem, Pierre Gonyou, Rex Judd, will simply be murdered with induced heart attacks, suicided, or have some unlucky car, boating, or private plane crash. After all, the public will not be too concerned about the death of a “criminal”.

Nobody knew that a corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson that Bruce reported for drug smuggling cocaine into Canada was arrested with a plane load of cocaine in Weyburn in 1997, Saskatchewan red-handed by the RCMP.

Nobody knew that Bruce had dinner with Bill Clinton or that Hillary offered to make "all of your legal problems disappear" for $500,000 And see chapter 28 about what Bill Clinton wanted most from Bruce.

Nobody knew that Bruce met a U.S. Army Colonel on the "Magic Bus" who worked at Fort Detrick's Bio-Weapons Lab in Maryland who resigned in protest of viruses being created as "binary bio weapons" by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Gallo that could target people by race or gender and be disguised as a natural epidemic. Be sure to read both of these and Dr. Judy Mikovits knows about this and she herself worked on weaponizing the Ebola virus according to the Colonel who said Lyme Disease was also a bio-weapon gone bad that leaked from a Plum Island test center in New York. Gorcyca interviewed this Colonel for three days for his book project.

Nobody knew Bruce Gorcyca saved the lives of over 1,000 Americans while working as an American Red Cross volunteer. This episode of his life became a segment on 60 minutes narrated by Meredith Viera.

More importantly, nobody knew that two of the oldest and most honest federal judges in America, dismissed all of those fake charges against Gorcyca but it took more than 20 years to do it! And they still have not returned all the money and gold bars they seized from Gorcyca and his mother way back in 1999! They deliberately made sure that the man who was once federal agent, an Air Traffic Controller and a Fortune 500 executive went bankrupt and now lives in a homeless shelter

The reason nobody knows about all this stuff is because the FBI kept persecuting and smearing Gorcyca and intimidating his family every year for 20+ years, extraditing him from Canada (on more false charges) and even arranging to have him rendered from China after bribing Chinese officials to lock him away totally incommunicado 485 consecutive days without any charges, no phone call, no judge, no mail, and no visitors.
But now 30 years later the truth, like oil, has surfaced. Now the world knows about the secret Dirty Tricks Division 5 of the FBI and what they do to citizens who try to report or expose serious government crimes. Read for yourself at

What Congress is now claiming is absolutely true - The FBI is a political weapon used to silence and punish honest and truthful citizens and protect elected leaders from prosecution. Bruce Gorcyca was kept jailed more than five years in three countries by the FBI for crimes he never committed.


1986-1990 (38 months in U.S. federal prison for a non-existent bribe. Gorcyca was invited to a mysterious business meeting in Miami for “lucrative job offer” and handed a sealed envelope by a clever FBI agent posing as a man cheated out of $50,000. He told Gorcyca if he could just find the man so he could be served with legal papers he would be paid $5,000 and the envelope contained a $2,000 deposit. With his training as an IRS investigator finding the man on his days off would be easy, without using any IRS resources – just public records.

But the very next day. IRS supervisor coincidentally handed him an official file on the very same man! Gorcyca called the man who gave him the envelope and said he could not do the job and to come pick up the $2,000. Instead Gorcyca was arrested and charged with bribery – less than three week after he and his IRS partner Liston Smith notified the FBI about an IRS “hit list” targeting donors of Governor Bob Graham who was running for the U.S. Senate at the time. Within a month of Gorcyca’s arrest, Liston Smith was found murdered – yet the murder of this IRS agent was not even investigated by the FBI. Gorcyca was told that if he did not plead guilty he would end up like Liston, but if he cooperated and pled guilty, he would be given probation and not go to jail since he had a clean record. Initially he was scared and agreed to the deal, but when the judge asked him to plead guilty, Gorcyca refused and said he wanted a trial because he did not know what was in the envelope when it was handed it to him and tried to return the money but was ignored and did not have a case on the “crook” when he accepted the “job”.

The judge was outraged and refused to let Gorcyca revoke his plea and sentenced him to five years in prison. Less than 6 weeks later that same federal judge (Alcee Hastings) was himself arrested by the FBI for bribery and impeached from the bench!
The two honest Miami FBI agents investigating the IRS hit list (Ben Grogan and Jerry Love) were both murdered when their supervisor sent them to confront two bank robbers known to be wearing body armor and armed with automatic assault rifles, with only their handguns.

While jailed. Gorcyca was kept in solitary confinement without telephone access to anyone other than his elderly mother and his mail to his Congressman and Senator were never delivered, but secretly given to the FBI until his release AFTER the 1988 elections. When NBC News Dateline got wind of Gorcyca’s story they sent their producer Ty West to go and interview Gorcyca. What happened next is despicable. Read Chapter 19 – “The Magic Bus”

BTW… all references to the murder of Liston Smith have been scrubbed from the internet after the FBI fed the Miami Herald a false news release claiming Liston was slain by an unknown gay lover. Smith had a beautiful girlfriend (Ms. Joseph) and was not gay.

Then when the FBI discovered it was Gorcyca who was responsible for having their own senior Miami agent Terry Nelson arrested in 1997 by the RCMP which caught him and the pilot Mike Huxtable with a planeload of cocaine in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, they immediately set out for revenge on a mission to destroy and discredit the whistleblower. They charged him with an imaginary stock fraud that had no victims nor any dollar amount of the alleged fraud. They froze all of his personal and business bank accounts and even those of his 68 year-old mother even though he was supposedly innocent until proven guilty.

But they charged him while he and his Canadian wife were in Canada with their newborn infant and in-laws. Private investigator Ed Reiken of Toronto proved ten different ways that the fake charges were fabricated by the FBI in a sworn 11 page report you can read for yourself at including the fact that the FBI never once contacted any of the 9 alibi witnesses in Ohio who emphatically stated Bruce was in Ohio for months attending to his hospitalized mother, NOT committing the fake crimes in Florida as the FBI claimed. One of these witnesses was a dentist who had dated xrays and medical records for the rotten tooth he pulled from Gorcyca’s mouth in Ohio, and another was the wife of a Congressman, and yet others were neighbors and hospital staff where his mom was hospitalized.

Despite all this, the FBI instructed Immigration Canada to lock up Gorcyca in maximum security because he was a dangerous and violent pedophile that would soon be extradited to the U.S.
Apparently, Immigration Canada did not ask for any evidence and just took the word of the corrupt FBI agent (Greg Coleman).

So without any criminal charges filed in Canada, Gorcyca was again illegally locked away for another 10.5 months in maximum security even though he was married to a Canadian, had a Canadian son, and entered Canada legally with his own passport.While detained two FBI agents visited Gorcyca who told him he would remain locked down in maximum security in Canada, separated from his wife and newborn son, until he agreed to “cooperate” with the FBI, without specifying what cooperation they wanted.

But while Gorcyca was detained his two associates who agreed to cooperate with the FBI were both murdered within months of each other. (Al Chalem was shot in the head multiple times while he was under FBI surveillance 24/7, and Pierre Gonyou was injected with enough heroin to kill an elephant). This news was enough to convince Bruce, he did not want to cooperate with anyone. Finally after Gorcyca wrote a letter and a hand written writ of habeas Corpus, the Chief Justice Patrick LeSage informed Immigration Canada that detaining the American was illegal, and suddenly an emergency hearing was called and Gorcyca was released with an admission he did not violate any Canadian immigration laws.

Within an hour of being released however, Gorcyca was arrested again and told he was being extradited to the U.S. but no charging documents (as required by law) were presented to justify his arrest. Fortunately an honest Canadian Judge named Garton noticed the absence of these documents and ordered that Gorcyca be released on bail. And for eight long years Gorcyca’s family was being drained of legal fees defending against the fake extradition.

When finally sent back to America to stand trial, Bruce represented himself and got all of his charges dismissed by Senior Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein. He returned home just in time to spend Christmas of 2007 with his young family. The nightmare was now over right? Wrong.

Gorcyca's adversaries went judge-shopping to find one that was willing to re-indict Bruce on the same identical charges days after the deadline expired. But now armed with the bombshell report of Private Investigator Reiken Bruce was prepared to fight and win a second extradition battle. But a government official with a conscience in Canada warned Bruce's lawyer (Marshal Drukarsh) that the feds would come to Canada and basically kidnap his client and let him protest back in the U.S.!

So both Gorcyca's MP and Drukarsh suggested that he take a vacation for 3-6 months to allow the pressure on Canada from the DOJ to subside and he could safely return home to his family and get on with his life. Russia was too damn cold so Bruce chose to play tourist in China. But he never expected that once he arrived in China the corrupt FBI agents who framed him would put him on the "NO FLY LIST" which made it impossible for Bruce to return home or fly anywhere else.

Then when his passport was about to expire he visited the U.S. embassy to get a new one, but they too were clever and refused to renew it. Now Gorcyca was literally trapped in China for years which forced him to attempt to ship himself home in a FEDEX crate, hide on a Japanese freighter, and even buy a Vietnamese passport - all so he could go home to his family. All three of these schemes and a 4th in Mongolia failed.

Finally an attempt was made to shoot Gorcyca but his short chubby Chinese teacher with short hair was mistaken to be Bruce and a bullet missed her head by 2 inches. You can read her statement at

Bruce had taken all his time in China to rewrite and update his book and the corrupt officials to be exposed in that book grew desperate and bribed a Chinese immigration official to detain Gorcyca indefinitely in a Chinese prison until he perished. They expedited this arrangement by telling the official that Gorcyca was a violent and convicted pedophile wanted in Canada. After detaining Gorcyca the Chinese soon realized Bruce was no pedophile nor wanted in Canada for any crime. Just as they were about to release him, they received a leak from an unknown caller that Gorcyca was an American spy. That lie prolong Gorcyca's stay another six months for a total stay of 485 consecutive days eating soup and and bun three times a day - every day and being told he would never go free.

So Bruce went on a 21 day hunger strike that led to a bad case of pneumonia that almost killed him. He was rushed to a private hospital and Chinese official at higher levels realized their would be a lot of questions asked if an American citizen without any charges died in Chinese custody. They finally decided to release him. But FBI agents were waiting down the road from the prison gates where they drugged him, threw a hood over his head and then stuffed him into a big blue canvas bag marked "diplomatic pouch"

After all this drama, Gorcyca was dragged into the Brooklyn federal courthouse at 10:15 pm at night and simply told... "Plead guilty and you can go home to your family tomorrow". Instead Gorcyca demanded a trial after learning his lesson 25 years earlier with Judge Hastings. The law provides that a trial must be convened within 70 days of arrest, unless the defendant waives his rights. Bruce did not waive any of his rights yet was kept another 90 days behind bars and pressured weekly to plead guilty. Finally the judge (Fred Block) realized no jury would convict Gorcyca of anything and dismissed all the charges a second time.

Elated with his final freedom Bruce headed home to finally reunite with his Canadian wife and children but was not allowed in because he had no proof of COVID vaccination. This was on Christmas Eve of 2019. In 2020 another trip was made, and this time he was told he could not enter because he did not have return ticket to America. On his third attempt to go home he was told that he could not prove his residence in Canada since his Canadian driver's license was expired and he had no legal residency in Canada. On his fourth and final attempt last Christmas, Bruce was told he was not legally unmissable into Canada because of his 39 year-old conviction from Judge Hastings! So now broke and demoralized, Bruce sits in a veterans homeless shelter contemplating his next move - perhaps a swim across the Niagara river? For now he is trying to convince his wife and sons that it is safe to visit him in America. But after two shooting incidents at their Toronto home, that is a hard sell.

If you want the truth to come out about all of the above and other crimes committed by the FBI, Senators Clinton and Biden, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney and others, then step up an help this man get a lawyer and tell his story under oath before Congress so we can start purging the criminals from our government. This military vet is now trapped in a NY homeless shelter because Uncle Sam will not return the $588,000 they owe him from the assets they seized from him in 1999. He is married for over twenty years but has not seen his wife or two kids in ten+ years. You can reach Bruce through his fellow veteran friend Doug by email at [email protected] which is also his Zelle account if you want to help hire a top gun lawyer for this man. If you want to see over 30 dirty tricks the FBI used to against him, including their efforts to induce his suicide (just like they did to Martin Luther King) visit and That first link will also expose his conversations with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

And if you think this is all some crazy fairy tale read Chapter 47 free on line at Top law enforcement officials have confirmed that “Gorcyca has been consistently providing true and accurate information” as more than a dozen recordings also confirm.

NOTE: Gorcyca is now suing Google for refusing to remove false information from the internet that was created in part by impersonators, FBI Division 5 agents, and fictitious spoofed people that not only doxed his entire family, but made it impossible for him to obtain a good job like those he held in the past as a Fortune 500 executive. Be aware that Google has a division that does whatever the DOJ asks them to do. It is called OPERATION JIGSAW Reddit also fully cooperates with ANY posts Division 5 agents want to proliferate online to smear or discredit their adversaries like Steve Bannon, Oliver Stone, Julian Assange, etc.

This 6 part series shows you how easy it is for the FBI to destroy your life with lies and sly disinformation that was also confirmed by Glen Greenwald This article by Glen Greenwald made him the most hated journalist at the DOJ…

In closing take note that you too could one day be locked away for a few months without any warning or even even a signature of a judge. If you are not prepared to fight for your Constitutional rights they will soon no longer be available to you, just as they were denied to this veteran. So if you want to help Gorcyca and others who are not afraid to speak up and stand up, then help him reunite safely with his family and publish his book for all to read across our nation now hijacked by the elite who were never veterans themselves and whose children will never serve nor be placed in harm's way.