Proof positive that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a corrupt liar as per his own written words and those of his old colleagues...

Subject: Proof positive that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a corrupt liar as per his own written words and those of his old colleagues...
From: An outraged military veteran
Date: 29 Jan 2022

This by no means is an ad-hominess attack upon Dr. Fauci. No, I spent three months researching his own words both written and verbal over the past 20 years from NIH, NIAD, and CDC archives. And before we dig into those words, please remember that Fauci himself has admitted lying about COVID before, claiming he did so to "protect science" because he felt Americans could not understand or handle the truth. I suppose he believes he truly has a monopoly on intelligence, or he would not have called himself the sole and ultimate source of "Science". I have never seen such arrogance and vanity in any government employee other than George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton.

HCQ (Hydroxichloroquine) saved over 300,000 COVID patients in Korea and India and guess what? In 2005 Dr. Fauci himself called HCQ a "wonder drug" that not only cured any Coronavirus infection, but also prevented it - in writing - in his very own agency's "VIROLOGY JOURNAL". BTW... SARS, MERS, COVID (aka SARS2) are all Corona viruses. Please carefully read this official government document that is now highly censored around the world. BTW, did you know that HCQ is categorized by the WHO as an "essential drug" since 1947? This is an indisputable fact.

For 7 years Dr. Fauci hailed HCQ as a "wonder drug" that not only cured any Corona virus but also prevented it! Only when he and Bill Gates obtained the illegal patents on Coronavirus, did he suddenly change his tune and falsely claim that HCQ was now somehow "risky" and "dangerous" (even though it cured millions of Koreans and Indians of COVID in 10 days or less). WHY?

Well, people do not spend a fortune to obtain patents on viruses unless they plan to profit from them - through vaccines. Scientists cannot formulate a vaccine without the actual virus, just as you cannot make an antidote for the bite of poisonous snakes without the toxins of the snakes. Watch this enlightening lecture of Dr. David Martin about the origins of the COVID vaccine patents. The money trail has been exposed and followed to sources that will make you cringe;

No then, because the patents on HCQ expired in the late 60s and can only net a profit of about 20 cents per tablet today in 2022 (they sell for 50 cents per dose) But with the new patents, BIG pharma sells the new experimental vaccines for $99 per dose to governments, while their total costs to research,manufacture, and distribute the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines is less than $10 per dose. DO THE MATH FOLKS! Fauci and Gates are both collecting royalties on every single injection. including the boosters. If you doubts this read the best-selling book by Robert Kennedy Jr. THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI (Simon & Schuster)

Now that you have seen the tip of this ugly COVID iceberg, here is what is well hidden from public view - below the surface, just like the proverbial iceberg. This may help explain why 100 million Americans still refuse to get vaccinated. Just maybe the Mainstream Media has been lying to us. But why would they do such a thing, after all this is America, not Russia, China, nor North Korea?????

Well, this is where the corruption gets deep and thick friends. Just watch your own TV for 4 hours one night and count just how many commercials you see for a drug of any sort, both prescribed and OTC. Were you shocked to see that one in every 4 commercials are from huge drug companies? Yes, they buy 25% of all advertising not only on TV, but also in most magazines around the world. Every major television network in America (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC) nets at least $150 million every week from ads paid for by BIG PHARMA! If you are the president of any of these networks, would you bite the hand that feeds you, or will you cooperate with news broadcasts that are spun to support their sales? Since the hyped news is also politically convenient to those who want to retain their emergency powers, the MSM is empowered as never before in U.S. history. The only losers are the American public - mere peasants in their eyes.

If by now you still cannot smell the foul stench of this "Pandemic"
(which over 6,000 medical experts say was bio-engineered in a government lab) Then your last stop should be this video with a former co-worker of Dr. Fauci who was one of the first to blow the whistle

Oh, but what about all those "fact checkers" like Snopes and the others you ask?

Friends, we are allowing the wealthy elites to manipulate and destroy our American Dream and steal away our freedoms WITH OUR OWN TAX DOLLARS! Wake up and ask yourself why they want us to live in fear of disease that has only killed .02% of our population less than 1/300th of Americans that die from pneumonia and 1/800th of Americans who die in airplane crashes? Why not ban airplanes?!? Why are we distracted and urged to fight a bogus race war, when the real war that needs to be fought is a class war?

It all comes down to money and the growing wealth gap. 68% of America's wealth is now firmly controlled by only the top 1% of Americans. The real world "Pandemic" is NOT COVID, but CENSORSHIP. We are not helpless to stop it. We are millions. They number less than 100,000. Civil and peaceful disobedience and public disclosure are their kryptonite. We need to take lessons from European protesters and the Canadian truckers. If you truly love your children, now is the time to prove it. Actions speak louder than words. Remember, YOU are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Don't let your kids ever look back and call you a coward.

Dr. Fauci has become a political puppet of convenience. He has been wrong about COVID 15 times and deliberately lied to Congress and the world. Frankly, Dr. Fauci needs to be fired and then prosecuted for his profiteering. I am not a doctor, but a former EMT and I would gladly welcome the chance to publicly debate Dr. Fauci, who I sincerely believe is a contemporary traitor to America who should spend the balance of his life behind prison bars. I am not alone in my sentiments, and if you watch Fox News, Newsmax or hundreds of eye-opening videos at,, or (where ther is no censorship) you will find over 80 million Americans share these sentiments.

In closing, I urge all my fellow-Americans to tune out the political propaganda and start using the gray matter between your own ears to sort the facts from fiction. Do not let the biased MSM convince you that we are the crazy minority fringe, when in fact we are not. Yes, last year we were all labeled as "conspiracy nuts" but things have changed my friends as you can see here with your own eyes Whether the truth is censored, hidden, suppressed, or spun like a top, it will always reveal itself in time. WE THE PEOPLE can shorten this time if we set aside our petty differences and unite against the profiteers and selfish politicians who serve them.