Its time to end the Fauci Farce with a special prosecutor - The American people deserve nothing less. 8 million NFL and College Football fans are all witnesses for the prosecution

Subject: Its time to end the Fauci Farce with a special prosecutor - The American people deserve nothing less. 8 million NFL and College Football fans are all witnesses for the prosecution
From: An enlightened and outraged citizen
Date: 23 Jan 2022

I am a COVID victim/survivor like many seniors my age, but I am neither a fool nor one of the many boiling frogs that are collectively now known as "WE THE SHEEPLE".

Thanks to the efforts of Senator Rand Paul, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Tucker Carlson and the following REAL scientists, I have to conclude that Dr. Fauci has deliberately lied to not only the world, but to U.S. Congress under oath.

* Dr. Luc Montagnier - Virologist (Nobel Prize Winner)
* Dr. Scott Atlas (Stanford Medical School)
* Dr. Judy Mikovits (NIH/CDC)
* Dr. Robert Malone (MRNA inventor)
* Dr. Lorraine Day (Immunologist)
* Dr. Martin Makary (John Hopkins University)
* Dr. Peter McCullough (Baylor University)
* Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, (MIT)
* Dr. Mehmet Oz (Columbia University)

Add the growing group of 3,600 doctors known as The Frontline Doctors that have exposed the organized censorship and corruption of Medicine and Science for purely political or profiteering motives

It is no accident that over a 1,000 lawyers have joined forces with almost 10,000 doctors to file a law suit in the world court to expose and stop forced vaccinations of an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG
as a violation of the Nuremberg Treaty and basic human right.

But getting back to Dr. Fauci and his deliberate deceit going back to the 1980s when he actually supported President Ronald Reagan, as both originally falsely told Americans that there was "no need to worry about AIDS" which they insisted "was only a gay man's disease" which was believed for 2 years by Americans until a young Florida boy (Ryan White) and NBA star Magic Johnson went public with their infection and suddenly Fauci started telling us that we "misunderstood" his previous comments. There was no misunderstanding - Fauci lied.

Then in 2005, Dr. Fauci openly wrote in a medical journal called "Virology Journal" that HCQ, an essential drug of the WHO with no known serious side-effects "a highly effective prophylactic and cure for any coronavirus infection". But in 2020, he claimed the drug was suddenly "risky" and "dangerous" Why? Because the patents for HCQ expired in 1962 so profits would be limited to 30 cents per dose. But the new vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson are sold to Uncle Sam for $99 per dose, even though their total cost per dose (including R&D) is under $10 per dose. Do the math folks. See: I challenge anyone to disprove these facts, and please do not quote Snopes or the other paid fake "Fact Checkers" who are already exposed as being paid millions by Mark Zuckerburg, George Soros, and Bill Gates, all of whom are socialists with a common agenda - a globalist government, who by the way have millions invested in big pharma across the board.

My mother always told me as a child that if someone tells you a little lie they will eventually tell you a big lie, and that is why all lies must be exposed. Here is the "little" lie; and here is the BIG lie that killed a $5 Trillion world economy, and caused the deaths of at least 100,000 people in America

But the lies increased and grew bolder - about masks, natural immunity, herd immunity, and he inflated the infection and death rates by 10x the factual numbers which he called "an honest mistake". That deception caused America to lock down causing the deaths of over 500,000 small business, and the loss of freedom by 300 million Americans. Here are his many other lies and "mistakes"

If you want to see the charts and stats that proved he lied you can fall back on these two links:

Then before Congress Dr. Fauci testified under oath that he never would support "gain of function" research which is science talk for weaponizing a virus. Yet look what he said in 2012 which was found in the dusty archives:

In March of 2020, Fauci told all of us on national TV that we did not need to wear a mask, but six months later he was telling us to wear two masks! What kind of "expert" is this?

And off-course, can you really forget his dire warning that anyone who attended large sporting events, even outdoors would surely end up in hospitals on ventilators if they did not wear a mask and sit two seats away from any other spectator? Today after 8 million American NFL and NCAA football fans attended more than 150 such "highly dangerous events" not a single COVID hospitalization has been traced to any of those games!

So why the hell isn't the mainstream media news teams all over this apparent fraud? Well as I learned in the best-selling book by Robert Kennedy Jr "THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI"... Big pharmaceutical companies buy75% of the commercial air time on every U.S. network to peddle no less than 47 different OTC and prescription drugs. That's more than $150 million of monthly revenue to each network (ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC). None of them would be so stupid as to bite that hand that feeds them. Fauci, his family, and friends all have lucrative relationships with BIG pharma both in the U.S. and off-shore in Panama.

A gentleman who tried to expose these off-shore bank accounts disappeared a few years ago and another who wrote a book about these covert finances, had his book manuscripts seized without a court order by the FBI and was charged with fabricated crimes that were finally dismissed by two federal judges in Brooklyn.

Those of you who look upon Dr. Fauci as a national hero need to stop watching the propaganda of mainstream media and read the official Congressional records, VAERS reports, and video interviews of the above doctors found at,, and where there is ZERO CENSORSHIP. Also ask yourself, why would Dr. Fauci want to actively scheme to smear scientists from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford that simply disagree with him?

Lastly, on a personal note, my COVID infection came from someone who coughed and sneezed on me in a subway, and my cloth mask did absolute nothing to protect me. But my illness felt like nothing more than the flu. Yes, I did have fever, fatigue, a sore throat and diarrhea. But my neighbor who is a nurse got me some Ivermectin and HCQ and within 5 days I was back to normal and my last blood test shows my immune system (white blood cells and T cells) are very robust and with daily supplements of Vitamin C, D, and Zinc tablets, I will keep it that way.

Oh, I almost forgot, the last "leak" from a DoD insider provided military documents that further proves the lies of Dr. Fauci and his conflicts of interest with China which he tried to hide by using a proxy called "EcoScience".

Every American deserves both the truth and real justice for the medical manipulation imposed upon us by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Pinocchio belongs at Disney World, NOT working as a director of NIH, NIAD, nor CDC collecting over $400,000 annual salary with investment earnings of $10.4 million based on inside information while he lies to Congress. While most Americans retire at age 65, it is far too lucrative for Dr. Fauci to do so even at age 80. He has played us all like a violin, and the deception must stop. No man on this Earth will ever tell me whether I can go to church. Got it?