To Someone That I used to know

Subject: To Someone That I used to know
From: Rescued
Date: 12 Jan 2024

Open letter to Someone I used to know,

Nothing that has occurred has been measurable. I know that you are not fully aware of what that means. This letter is a jumbled mess I started to clean up and make it read professional and look pretty. But since this is just about me and you at the core of everything, I left the raw emotional outburst for you I added a few poetry blurbs I’m the middle maybe a bit of haiku.

Dear Music Lover,

I wanted this to be a letter that is expressive of my feelings and the love that I know is never going to amount to anything. But I found that I have long since not focused in on that. The search for Justice fuels my days even at the expense of my own life or happiness.

When my eyes open every single day my first thought isn’t about the love I once had. My first thought is Where are my children? What are they doing? Should I cook breakfast now?
Is it time to wake up my child for his classes?
Those are my very first inclinations.

It isn’t until my children have everything they need that I find my mind gravitating to love.

Having one of them pretend to be mad at me so we can snare a gang of stupidity dupidies was challenging too.
As if my own kids would betray momma boo .People really are gullible. And they fell with ease. Stupid ass women trying to kill and create disease.

I’m gravitating towards love, The kind that is with two adults.A man and woman to be exact.
That might be exactly how I got in this predicament.
LOVING YOU. No more no less.Without any requests or requirements. Without asking for anything monetary. Without any thing but pure intentions.

The pure intentions are the reason that people impersonated me.It’s the reason people creating imagery of me with a penis to circulate . It’s the reason people lied about disease and created fake hospital drama. It’s the reason the gang wanted you to believe I’ve been with men that I haven’t never indeed. It’s the motive behind it all and it makes me be grieved.
They killed my baby and tried to pretend I was a man by putting in gender reassignment surgery. Isn’t the motive obvious?
Every step was to seperate me from….
It’s the reason that the gang is going to hell in their very own hand basket.


Fucking LOVE !

Caused a stupid wench, a plumpy dummy to get a killer, to eliminate a baby. A BABY!

An innocent human. Had no chance.

It is considered a human life by definition from the moment it has a heart beat.
My babies heart beats are in my medical record they tried to delete.
But we have them

Yes indeed, 2 murders in the womb … and one outside.

With her stupid plan to make all these old silly birds think I was with their husbands.

In my inbox responses , sent messages pretending to be me to men and took over my phone in the middle of an investigation…and before the investigation…..

Is you. The reason is YOU.
I had trauma and was scared to just say that.

They have implicated your baby momma. The gals is officially telling on each other.
And I have now connected them all to each other.

That Rico makes the strongest man sing a little song.

Considering they tried to Rico me into prison.
I now sit here with my hands folded as Justice is eating alive little fake, old hoes and baby momma’s who impersonated me to seperate me from a man ….

Who on earth came up with what a bird brained plan?

The reason many of your connections received messages “from me” is because THE GANG was tricked by the federal government and started impersonating me because they heard rumor of a plan that I’m not sure is true.
I can’t even broach the subject with you.
I’m sad as hell and thought someone cared.
But all in all Justice will always be there.

The plan, included you and me.It was an intentional sabotage of your “test”. It might have been the greatest failed test in the world because it showed the gang was pretending to be me in various ways.And it showed their true motive.Under the gun.
We fooled them all before the enforcements plot had begun.
Made them lies harder and impersonate me more. Trying their damnest to stop the big score.
But hereby making me look worse to whom I adore.

“Marriage, she better not get that man.” I am so bitter in the mid of my investigation I’ll sabotage the whole plan!”

Thought plump fox I mean rox I mean sucks cocks. Justine dox

Impersonated herself into a Rico and a murder charge and KARMA is beautiful.Organized crime all receives the same time off the barge.

No matter who all does the murder. The beauty is the killers and the cover up did get the same lack of mercy they showed me and my kid.
Sorry my children.

My two twin babies had no chance.
And neither did I.As soon as we started this treacherous Immitation dance.

I was a homebody nursing a couple twinkles in my eye.Didn’t hurt anybody just loved the wrong guy.

Being joyful was my only crime. Made a bunch of motorbike trollips try to drop a fake dime.

While I’m telling other men callers I’m not interested I have a baby or two
down the line.I felt super stupid to see the wenches on your time line.

I don’t revenge bang not hoe or ever. Even having just one conversation i wasn’t so clever. Hurting and lack of mercy indeed. A baby momma and friends tried to kill me with disease!

Loving a man completely and totally breaking all the cool’s.
A wicked witch and her demons were envy fueled.

Wanted to kill little babies and give mommy the blues.
But mommy wasn’t just a peasant or troll. Mommy is connected to the highway patrol.

Swooping saviors they came in the night A victory is won, soon grave diggers h will be brought to the light

They are telling and pointing fingers behind closed doors
Pretending they aren’t demons and tossed around whores

Little did they know their shovel was digging their home
When all could have been avoided it all leaving mommy alone.

What else is left to say? When you are the true love that’s betrayed.

I Love still.
Even after the Kill.My heart is loveable enough and real.

NO MERCY, for the emergency.

Is the last thing expressed
I don’t give two shits about anyone’s test.

I love and would never cross any lines. Unless my choice was to pretend whatever to get Some One to drop a dime.

My kids are my heart of that you can be sure.
If putting them first make loneliness what I’m made to endure.

All in all I made that call. finding Justice for my baby on that you CAN BET!

It matters not to anyone but I have never stopped loving yet.

Serve the jail time.
I signed the dotted line.
It’s not hate but Justice isn’t up for debate.

I’ll be who I need for my baby.
Even if it’s the fathers maybe.

The choice is made for the rest of our days. Me and my mom will not be beat down by hoe hens.

When they looked on the ring doorbell they saw who came. And that was the only person to be at the house during the timeframe.

It doesn’t matter the twins are here no more.
And my team of investigators have just earned the big score.

The End.