Investigator Bruce Gorcyca claims former FBI Director Robert Mueller has a Panama bank account and allowed corrupt agents/informants to smuggle drugs, sell weapons to Al Qaeda groups, and murder witnesses Al Chalem, Paul Combs, Rex Judd & others

Subject: Investigator Bruce Gorcyca claims former FBI Director Robert Mueller has a Panama bank account and allowed corrupt agents/informants to smuggle drugs, sell weapons to Al Qaeda groups, and murder witnesses Al Chalem, Paul Combs, Rex Judd & others
From: Someone they tried to kill already but failed
Date: 13 Mar 2020

Both former FBI Director Robert Mueller as well as Senators Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were provided detailed evidence including video and audio tapes of corrupt FBI agents involved in drug smuggling as far back as September of 2001. That same letter also included information about Saudi/Mossad complicity in the infamous 9/11 attack in 9 pages of letters sent by FEDEX to all three individuals as well as to two FBI agents, one honest (SA Tom Doktor) and one corrupt agent (Greg Coleman) The letter that accompanied the tapes was dated September 15, 2001 and you can read it here...

Later corrupt FBI agent Greg Coleman who basks in the fame of The Wolf of Wall Street (filmed with laundered monies from Malayasia's 1mbd scandal) was deeply implicated in allowing the murders of his Wall Street informant's Al Chalem and Paul Combs, both of whom he adamantly pledged to protect as key witnesses against Dick Cheney, Goldman Sachs executives, and a Russian friend of Hillary Clinton's named Egor Chernov, who the FBI admitted murdered witness Rex Judd, and attempted to kill yet another inside government witness Charles Flynn after torturing his wife in Thailand. Fortunately Flynn survived and wrote an incredible book entitled MURDER ON THE ANDAMAN SEA, which the government tried very hard to keep out of bookstores for almost two years. Chernov who was doing black market business with Hillary Clinton and later helped facilitate the infamous Uranium One deal, was literally allowed to get away with murder of 2 of the 3 witnesses that could put the FBI Director and perhaps Clinton behind bars for corruption and obstruction of Justice. Charles Flynn can fill in the blanks for those interested to know more. This sworn affidavit of corrupt FBI agent Greg Coleman was such a bombshell, Mueller insisted that the case file be sealed.

The murders of Chalem and a Canadian who helped Cheney legally, but secretly buy $10 million of unregistered Enron shares off-shore is explained here fairly well and in more detail in Gorcyca's book manuscripts that were seized by the FBI at gunpoint without a warrant...

Before Cheney dumped his Enron shares, he had another one of his many offshore companies short the shares so that he made huge profits on the way up, and upon the collapse of the company. So while more than 10,000 shareholders lost $300 million, slick Dick Cheney pocketed approximately $50-$60 million profit. If the Supreme Court did not come to his rescue he'd surely be cellmates with Bernie Madoff at this time.

Meanwhile in Alaska, FBI Deputy Director Skip Brandon and corrupt FBI agent Mark Pinto were not only moonlighting as amateur arms dealers, selling missile launchers and RPGs to an Al Qaeda cell, they also ripped off an old lady in Alaska for a few million dollars. Reporters Richard Mauer and Lisa Demer from the Anchorage Daily News dug into this 2005 story in earnest, exposing the Security Aviation front company used by the corrupt agents, but were "persuaded" to stop investigating by editors who were most likely intimidated by visits from FBI colleagues, a common practice used to quash corruption stories in the local media. More related to Mark Pinto and Skip Brandon: Richard knows all.

Mainstream media knows better than to accuse the elites of any crimes. That is why few people ever learned that Laura Bush ranover and killed a black man with her car, or that corrupt FBI agent Terry Nelson was busted by the RCMP red-handed with an airplane full of drugs in Canada (Saskatchewan,1997). The era of investigative journalism is almost extinct as devious ways have been found to silence Glenn Greenwald, and the likes of Julian Assange, Oliver Stone, and even Gorcyca who was held 485 days incommunicado without criminal charges.

As for Mueller and his Panama bank account, Coleman said it was "no big deal because it's not illegal to keep your money in a foreign country", and Gorcyca claims 87 officials from the U.S. and Canadian governments did exactly that when he worked two years at a government front company in a Miami suburb called American Financial Group. He said Mueller and others often used alias names to open accounts at Morgan & Morgan, whose managing director Juan David Morgan once boasted that the Bush family trusted their company to manage $1.2Billion off-shore.

Gorcyca provided all 389 client files of American Financial Group to an honest agent in 1996 not knowing that Robert Mueller would become the next FBI Director. He also gave the information to a Toronto Star reporter years later with copies of AFG's phone bills showing calls to Donald Gregg, Jeb Bush, and even collect calls from General Manuel Noriega in prison at MCC Miami.

Gorcyca would have published his book long ago if not for the threats made to kill his family and two shooting incidents that took place at his home designed to terrorize his wife. See for more details. His book contained a complete listing of AFG's many high profile clients from 12 countries, including the 87 past and present government officials from the U.S. and Canada. Shamefully, Mueller had a great opportunity to come clean on 9/11 and the cancerous corruption within his agency, but instead of doing the right thing, he exploited it for political gain and fortune Stay tuned for part 2 and learn who are doing all these hits for the elite and why are the FBI letting their own informants be murdered.