Dear Congressional Oversight Committee... Stop ignoring the elephant in the room - 911 - Saudis - Hillary Clinton Cover-Up

Subject: Dear Congressional Oversight Committee... Stop ignoring the elephant in the room - 911 - Saudis - Hillary Clinton Cover-Up
From: Angry American Who Wants Genuine & EQUAL Justice For All
Date: 27 Sep 2016

An Open Letter To Congressman Chaffetz,

I respectfully ask you to read the letters sent to Senator Hillary Clinton and to FBI Director Robert Mueller dated September 15th, 2001 - one week following the 911 mass murder of almost 3,000 Americans here! Fedex confirmed that all four recipients received their packages containing these letters and a video and audio tape, and related evidence in the form of dated phone bills including calls to (202) 456-3345. The recipients are identified at the bottom of page 2. One letter was signed by former RCMP officer and then lawyer William Gilmour, and the other letter was signed by former U.S. Treasury agent and FBI informant Bruce Gorcyca.

If the letters have been censored as they were last week, you can read them here as well:

Remember, these letters were written and delivered 15 years ago, long before Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State or ever considered running for U.S. President. For 15 years she secretly knew what took Senator Graham and the New York Post more than a decade to learn. A handful of witnesses like SEC investigator John Wheeler, FBI informant Al Chalem, and others were murdered to keep these and other government crimes secret. This is America Congressman Chaffetz, not Nazi Germany nor the Soviet Union. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind remember? We teach our children the ideology of checks and balances of a democracy, yet the reality we live in suggests the banksters are driving our bus, and the destination is not even known to most Americans.

Now then, if you honorable members of Congress subpoena the complete FBI file on FBI informant Bruce Gorcyca you would have more than ample "probable cause" to prosecute Hillary Clinton for "willful ignorance of a crime in progress", perjury, bribery (accepting $10 million in hush money from the Saudi government), and even treason as she continued to accept another $90 million over the next 15 years through the Clinton Foundation. She circumvented the Hatch Act as well and made sure the bribes were paid as "donations" to the Clinton Foundation. Why do we have RICO laws in America sir, if they are only used for drug dealers and never applied in corruption cases?

If you get those files from the FBI, you will also find sufficient evidence to prosecute Robert Mueller for "criminal negligence" (related to 911 for ignoring the information and evidence he received). You will also find that the FBI was given the files and account numbers of over 100 U.S. officials and money-laundering proxies for Hillary Clinton with Panama accounts at Morgan & Morgan. Hugh Rodham, Jeffery Epstein, Jack Goldberg, and Marc Rich were just four of these proxies. and also

I personally believe that Mrs. Clinton used these letters to graymail or blackmail the FBI to refrain from recommending her indictment for any crimes, since the FBI's negligence and mishandling of the 911 case and failure to investigate Jack Goldberg and other Panama bank account holders in 1996-2001 could have prevented the 2008 financial crisis as well, since Wall Street money laundering (on the scale of the HSBC scandal) would have surfaced. And even a novice investigator would have discovered the derivative markets scam being peddled based on mortgage fraud throughout Wall Street. In short, the desire to protect the Saudi government from 911 complicity exposure, cost the American people over $3 Billion in 2008 plus the $400 million bank bail-out as well. For the families of 911 victims, the loss was far greater.

You should also compel the FBI to return the book manuscripts they seized at gunpoint that details many crimes committed by both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush

The truth of 911 is something every American deserves to hear and when Mrs. Clinton could not pass an FBI background check to be a postal carrier or even a prison guard, they deserve to know why. Those government officials who continue to conceal crimes on a selective basis are criminals themselves IMO. Would you not agree Congressman Chaffetz?

So to the Congressional Oversight Committee, I must ask you... Are you part of solution or part of the problem? The answer to this question will determine the fate of America for decades to come. We are tired of fabricated wars, tired of the political profiteering, and extremely fed up with the brazen corruption and selective enforcement of the law that persecutes whistle blowers, and protects the government officials that "misplace" $2.3 Trillion, smuggle drugs, rape immigrant detainees, and launder billions of dollars on Wall Street.

Voters are no longer the passive sheep politicians want us to be. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have awakened the boiling frog citizens of America, and after years of being exploited, WE THE PEOPLE, now respectfully ask you to please do your job without delay. Let's see those FBI files and the audio and video tapes that were sent to Hillary Clinton, Senator Biden, the FBI Director and FBI agent Tom Doktor in Buffalo. Lets see the 302 reports of FBI Agents Maury Berthon, John Marley, Tom Doktor, and most of all lets see the FBI files on former AUSA Jack Goldberg so we can understand how a former Assistant U.S. Attorney can retire with more than $50 million of KNOWN assets and foreign bank accounts with ????? deposits. The FBI files on FBI Agent Terry Nelson would also relate to this matter since he was the original party reported by Bruce Gorcyca in 1991, 1998, and again in 2001.

We the people need some real assurances that when the FBI fails to do their job, Congress will step in and do theirs. The absence of Congressional action will only confirm the worst suspicions - America has become a corrupt oligarchy and all of Washington is bought and paid for by all the billionaires, neocons, and huge corporations like Monsanto that have openly endorsed Hillary Clinton, despite the Wikileaks, and Anonymous disclosures, and despite the fact that almost 70% of Americans polled believe there will be even more election fraud coming in November.

America needs a hero to rescue our nation drowning in a sea of corruption, collusion, and censorship. Will YOU save us sir, or merely play the role of Pontius Pilate and watch us all drown as economic slaves of the 1% elite whose hidden NWO agenda can be found in the TPP, TISA, and SOPA? Time is not our friend as you know quite well. RSVP.

Respectfully yours,

An Angry American Military Veteran

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