Of Canada, Cash, Crypto, and Freedom

Subject: Of Canada, Cash, Crypto, and Freedom
From: Ves
Date: 17 Feb 2022

All eyes on Trudeau and what's going on in Canada. Clearly he is on his way to becoming a dictator rather than a servant of the people like he was elected to be. Will he be successful? Will he give up the emergency powers? Will the courts force him to? It's already clear that the conditions for invoking the act do not exist... There is no justifiable emergency, just citizens demonstrating against an oppressive government.

Needless to say that his unwillingness to sit down with the people and have an open discussion shows him for who he is. He talks about protecting the people and their freedom and in the next minute he's taking their freedoms away and infringing on their right to peacefully assemble. Hypocrite, Fascist, and Egomaniac, are words that seems to describe him and his mentor Klaus Schwab.

What I find interesting is that with his Emergencies Act powers, which is basically anything he wants, he's freezing bank accounts of individuals that support the freedom movement, and not just bank accounts, but he's actually blacklisting crypto wallets. They are trying to prevent the demonstrators from getting the crypto currency that has been raised in their name. Last I heard that was over $800,000. If you control the flow of money, you control the people. They will always come after your money first. Just ask Catherine Austin Fitz about what happens when you get on the wrong side of government.

The big difference is that he can freeze bank accounts, but he can't freeze crypto wallets. What he's trying to do is force banks and exchanges to not accept transactions from the blacklisted crypto wallets. Of course, people can just start exchanging crypto directly, wallet to wallet, and he can't stop that. Just like he can't stop the direct exchange of cash people already have on hand. The question is, are there enough people, businesses, willing to trade crypto directly, for goods and services, to enable the demonstrators to utilize what they have collected?

One question is how does he, his people, know what crypto wallets are connected with the freedom movement? And do they know who the wallets belong to? What does this say about the security of crypto, and how suited it is for it's intended purpose, which is to allow people to break away from government control?

Crypto blockchains are public in every respect except when it comes to knowing the identity of the person who owns the wallet. The leak in that security is the exchanges, which are government regulated and required to keep records of a persons identity and all their transactions for 7 years. Or how about our wallet apps on our phones? Can they be gleaned for our wallet public keys?

This seems to be the problem with crypto. Government can't directly meddle with it, but they can do all sorts of things indirectly. They can block exchange. They could pass laws to prevent cell phone companies from allowing crypto wallet apps. They can go after establishments that accept crypto for payment. They can apply pressure in any number of ways. But can they stop it? Do they have the manpower to monitor it all if more and more people start using it? I don't think they do. Even now, they are relying on banks and exchanges to do their dirty work for them. Will the banks do it? And how will the government know that they are or are not?

Just like his dictates have caused a run on the banks, people pulling their cash out, bringing down the banking system, I think his actions are just going to put more steam into the crypto movement. When people realize that their money is not their own, they will start looking for ways to protect it.

There's only two ways to take control of your money right now. One is take it all out and keep it in cash and the other is putting it in crypto. The problem with cash is that it's losing value daily. The problem with crypto is it's not liquid enough, there aren't enough people who accept it directly to allow you to buy all your goods and services to survive. Are there? But between the two, it seems independence is possible. Anything else, like gold or silver, is even less liquid, and there simply isn't enough of it to become currency for the world.

One thing is for sure, if you can't prevent others from taking control of your money, or devaluing it, then you are not free.