Zero Confidence in President, Democracy, CDC, WEF, UN, WHO, NIH, FDA, and Media

Subject: Zero Confidence in President, Democracy, CDC, WEF, UN, WHO, NIH, FDA, and Media
From: Ves
Date: 21 Dec 2021

This goes out to President Biden, his administration, the CDC, WEF, Gates, Sorros, Schwab, UN, WHO, NIH, FDA, the News Networks, and Social Media, and government in general. You know who you are. There is zero confidence in all of you.

First of all. Anyone who still believes that Biden is in charge of anything, besides his ice cream cones, is severely deluded. Biden can't string together a paragraph without stumbling all over his words. He couldn't make an intelligent high level decisions if his life depended on it. Sadly, OUR lives depend on it. Psaki seems to have more say in the function of the Executive branch than he does. Of course, what else is new? How many presidents haven't been puppets? Biden just makes it completely obvious.

Same goes for the rest of the world's tyrannical psychopathic leaders. Some of them may be able to string together a sentence, but it's the same puppet strings.

I, and many people I talk to, will never again have any confidence in anything that comes from Biden, most of the world leaders and governments, and all the organizations I've listed... You have proven yourself completely untrustworthy, with your open lies and endless propaganda. The best you can do right now is just resign.

FDA and NIH are the biggest joke I've ever seen. FDA wants 75 years to release the Pfizer data?! Nothing says safe and effective like saying, "This generation doesn't really need to know that." What's the logic here? Why do they want that long? Well, because the report is something like 360,000 pages long... Ok. Well, if they have read it, and it exists in electronic form, what's the problem with making it electronically available? Obviously, they haven't read it! But they didn't waste any time giving EUA to the vaccine. But even the pages that have already been released show 1200 deaths due to the vaccine and thousands of other reactions! Given that, and what's in the VAERS database, which is at least 20k+ deaths, the only reasonable course of action is to STOP THE VACCINATION PROGRAM! But no, they and Biden, and Fauci, just keep pushing it.

With few exceptions, it is completely clear where loyalties lie. It is all about the money and power. You are willing to kill people in order to get more money and power, and to hang on to what you have. Totally disregarding what the people really want and what's good for us. What's good for us is what Uttar Pradesh and Japan did. Get rid of COVID with effective treatment! But no. Now some post offices are even blocking shipments of Ivermectin, per FDA instructions.

But who are we kidding, we know this is not about COVID or caring about people dying. At least not for you. We are expendable, just a drain on resources... just "labour" as Schwab puts it in his Great Reset document.

Let me tell you what the people want. Leave us alone. Period. Take your money, and your lies, and your screwed up laws and political systems, and your ideas for transhumanism, and AI controlling the world, and go crawl into a hole somewhere, where we no longer need to deal with your BS. In fact, go find yourself a nice island in the Pacific, build yourself the world you want, and have a nice life. Or, just crawl into those holes/bunkers, plug yourself into your Meta universe, and build the world of your dreams there... and then when we get those rockets going to Mars, be sure you're on one, so that you can build your world there also.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool us all, all the time. Those days are over. So, any ideas you have of molding everyone according to your vision of what the world should be... forget about it. All your money is not going to save you. Nothing will save you. You are all dead men walking. Your souls are dead. You don't know what it means to live, and so all you have is your money and your control. And you will fail.

We know there is no going back to normal, because normal sucks and that's what brought us to this point. The new normal is not what YOU'RE going to do, it's what WE'RE going to do now that you've shown us your true colors. And by the way, Thank You for doing that! So, that now we see clearly what was hidden.

"See, most people are good, and occasionally they do something they know is bad. Some people are bad, and they struggle every day to keep it under control. Others are corrupt to the core, they just don't care. But Evil... Evil is a completely different creature. Evil believes bad is ok. It's actions justified. Violence divorced from conscience. No matter what tole it takes or who it takes it upon. And there my friend is where we part ways."