You Have Always Been The Master

Subject: You Have Always Been The Master
Date: 25 Jul 2017

The moment has come to realize the power of You. The moment has come to drop labels, judgements, identities, and anything else that has covered up the real You. This moment has come as the present moment. Where every moment comes from and comes as. You shall no longer regard yourself as the victim, you are the master. To regard yourself as the victim will continue your never ending cycle of suffering that you have been stuck in for as long as you can remember, as a victim your suffering is somehow out of your control and you need someone or something to save you. It may be questioned that if you are such a master of your mind then why is it constantly bringing you down making each day a trudge to the finish, an arduous game that you always seem to lose? Because you are the master. You have mastered your suffering, you have mastered your mind to bring you down, to build an ego that is fueled by misery. It may seem exaggerated but what would happen right now if an unfavorable situation was presented to you? Would it immediately ruin your day? Your week? What if you made a mistake, would you shrug it off or insist on battling in your mind about how clumsy and stupid you are? Every time your reaction is that of a personal beat down inside your mind it is strengthened to react that way every time. Your brain does not understand that the way you are telling it to act is destructive, its job is to react the way it was programmed, by external variables and ultimately by you, its master.

Many events arise in our lives that are not in our control. Death, destruction, accidents, and countless others. However, our perception to such events is ALWAYS under our control. Miracles may arise from these events. Death may come with tears and sadness, however is may be looked at as the most sacred thing about life, death is just another experience of life and can show you the fragility of life to always be grateful when your eyes open in the morning, to remember the loving qualities the deceased had and to carry them on always, they will never really be gone if they are carried on by others. Death does not have to be the thing that is hidden and feared, it can light up your heart and the world, if only you realize the light has always been there, inside you always. Death can force you to take the first step on the path to your purpose and reveal the long standing potential that was covered up by a sabotaging phantom identity when a glimpse of light is seen. Death can mend relationships that have been broken for years and bring a family together closer than they have ever been. Would you feel different if every time you thought of death is was not a dark depressing image meant to ruin lives but something that saved yours and showed you the exponentiality of love.

Destruction has potential to bring thousands of people together to help one another who otherwise would not. It may show the power of love through the power of You. Why does it seem that when destruction happens people from all over come to lend a helping hand? It’s Almost as if the petty nonsense of so called “everyday life” has come to a screeching halt. It shows that people really do care about one another when their heart and soul are in a place connected to the Oneness of life. When thousands of people come together and help people not by obligation but because of love and compassion, that is a miracle.

Accidents provide a great opportunity to show grace and understanding to someone who has made a simple mistake no matter what that may be. Taking a simple example let’s say you are involved in a fender bender with the one who hit you at fault, instead of reacting in an angry way yelling and cursing this person you looked deeper at the situation. You decide to take control of your perception and show grace to this person and explain that it was just an accident and not to worry about it. The person breaks down and with tears streaming down their face as they tell you how thankful they are and that they were on their way to the store to use the last of their paycheck to buy groceries for their children and without that money it would’ve cost to fix your car they have no idea how their family could eat. . By a change of perception and a showing of grace you allowed an entire family to eat dinner. That’s a miracle. Are these examples a long shot and a highly exaggerated reach of terrible experiences? If you see them that way then yes. However, you will never know until you try for yourself, see what grace and love can do in any situation and watch your experience unfold in your favor every single time.

What if instead of these things ruining your life, they saved your life? What if by using these perceptions and diving deeper within, they allowed you to save others? Become aware of what you've mastered, how does this make you feel? Does it weigh heavy on your heart? Or do you feel light as a feather with an immense amount of joy and happiness? Never accept that you are not the master of the real You, do not resist unwanted feelings or thoughts, allow them to come and go as you watch them float away and no longer add flames to fuel the personal hell that has been created by its master, you. It is said the mind is a faithful servant but not a faithful master, allow the mind to be your servant and not your master. If you have allowed your mind to be your master then you have mastered it to be. Once the awareness has manifested to accept that you have mastered your sadness, your suffering, or your depression, the moment has come to dive deeper. Become aware that your thoughts and feelings you have created are meaningless and ultimately give nothing to who you really are. Roughly 1% of your thoughts and feelings are in connection with the source of the real You which comprise the joy and love that you were born with and will always have wherever you go. It has never judged or labeled anything, it’s excited and energetic, it heals and saves, and it loves all things because it is connected to the Oneness that pervades all. Go beyond your thoughts and feelings of yourself, you do not have to call yourself this or that or conceptualize the depth of yourself, just BE Yourself. Give it all to everyone and receive it back in the same love and joy you give out, selflessness and giving after all are the origin of peace and love. You have always been a master, why not start mastering the real You and be what you’ve always been, Love.