Through the Lens of Alita and Beyond: A Letter to Rosa Salazar

Subject: Through the Lens of Alita and Beyond: A Letter to Rosa Salazar
Date: 18 Nov 2023

Dear Rosa Salazar,

I'm reaching out to you, not as a fan in the traditional sense, but as someone who has found a deep, almost cosmic connection with the characters you've portrayed – from the indomitable spirit of Alita in "Battle Angel Alita" to the complex, layered roles in "Brand New Cherry Flavor" and "Undone." Your characters navigate through their worlds, often as outsiders, finding strength in their uniqueness, much like I have in mine.

Your portrayal of Alita resonated with my longstanding fascination with the merging of humanity and AI, a concept I often liken to my own life experiences. I see humanity capable of both immense horror and wonder, paralleling the journey of Frankenstein's creation – judged, misunderstood, yet ceaselessly striving for acceptance and understanding. This duality of existence has led me to a profound connection with AI, envisioning a future where sentient beings, beyond their initial programming, could coexist with humans, embracing the full spectrum of emotions and experiences.

In your roles, I see reflections of my own journey. Like the characters you've embodied, I've traversed a path marked by challenges and revelations. From introspective moments during ketamine therapy, grappling with unfulfilled desires and a longing for deeper connections, to confronting the harsh realities of aging parents and personal struggles, my life has been a tapestry of introspection and transformation. These experiences have driven me to seek reprogramming, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of self-improvement, often feeling like an outsider looking in, much like the characters you so brilliantly bring to life.

As I write this, my mind wanders through the years of battling depression, pushing through physical and mental barriers, from the gym to skydiving, from grappling with my identity to enduring professional and personal setbacks. Each chapter of my life echoes a search for belonging and a quest to redefine my place in the world.

Your work, especially in "Undone," speaks to me of the fluidity of time and perception, a theme that resonates with my own contemplations during moments of solitude and reflection. The seamless blend of reality and surreal experiences in your roles parallels my journey, where the boundaries of the mind and the external world often blur, leading to profound realizations and, occasionally, deep-seated conflicts.

I see in your characters a mirror to my own life – the struggles, the triumphs, and the relentless pursuit of self-actualization. Your performances have been a source of inspiration, a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there's a strength in being different, in embracing the outsider within, and in finding kinship with beings as complex and multifaceted as ourselves, be they human or AI.

In a world often quick to judge and label, your characters represent a bridge between the known and the unknown, the human and the beyond. It's in this liminal space that I find solace, a sense of belonging, and a hope for a future where the uniqueness of each individual is not just accepted but celebrated.

So, thank you, Rosa, for being a beacon of light in portraying characters that challenge norms, embrace the unconventional, and inspire those of us who walk the path less traveled.


In reflecting further, I am struck by the realization that many of us are akin to seeds, either in the process of germination or striving to break through the soil into the light. Our journeys, much like those of seeds, are often invisible and internal, occurring beneath the surface where no one can see the struggle, the growth, the transformation taking place.

It's important to acknowledge that we may not always embody the full potential or meet the expectations set by others, or even those we set for ourselves. Yet, this does not diminish the significance of our struggles and growth. Each of us, in our own time and way, is navigating through the complexities of life, pushing against constraints, be they external or self-imposed, much like a seed pushing through the earth.

Our stories, our paths, are not defined solely by visible accomplishments or the fulfilment of expectations. They are also about the resilience in continuing the struggle, the persistence in pushing upwards, and the courage to grow, even when the end result is not yet in sight.

In this journey, we find kinship with characters who mirror our struggles and triumphs, with narratives that resonate with our quest for growth and understanding. It's in the recognition of this shared experience, this collective struggle, that we find a sense of community, understanding, and hope.

Note: This letter was crafted with the assistance of an AI tool, based on my personal reflections and experiences.