Our Country Needs the Truth To Be Heard

Subject: Our Country Needs the Truth To Be Heard
From: Dr Dennis Timothy Crowe, Jr.
Date: 14 Jul 2021

Jesus said I am the truth and the truth will set you free. We all need to remember that we are all sinners and have come short of the glory of our God, our Creator. He loves us so much that He gave His son Jesus who died (willingly) for everyone. Jesus died on a cross, a very agonizing way to die, and was raised from the dead on the third day, to take our place. All each of us has to do is believe in Jesus as our savior and to repent of our sins. It is by His Grace that we are then saved. The alternative to believing in Jesus is to spend eternity in hell. For those of you that do not believe in Jesus now please watch the videos on YouTube done by James Tour, PhD. He is a world renown scientist that provides scientific proof of the life of Jesus and the authenticity of the Gospels and the the origin of life. Seek Jesus it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life. Read the Gospel of John and then the Genesis. When Adam and Eve sinned the whole world fell but God said in this first book of the Bible that He would send a savior. My prayer is that everyone would accept Jesus as their Savior. The alternative as I mentioned earlier, spending eternity in Hell (where there will be unending suffering and pain and an absence of God). Our country was founded on these Christian beliefs. God Bless America