You Could Prevent a Mass Shooting

Subject: You Could Prevent a Mass Shooting
From: E.E. Laine
Date: 25 Sep 2019

When an evil, hateful person opens fire on a crowd, the number of innocent victims need never be more than one. All it takes is one selfless bystander who’s mentally prepared to sacrifice their own life so countless others can live. Another noble soul(s) may be needed to take the shooter down, but the willingness of one person to lead the charge is key.

Seriously. If someone rushes a would-be assailant, the shooter must refocus on shooting the Good Samaritan. Ideally, that good soul will shout “join the charge” to further confuzzle the attacker. Others who’ve mentally prepared themselves for such a moment can then rush in, tackle the shooter(s), and subdue them until help arrives.

So, what will you do if you’re ever standing in a crowd when someone brandishing an assault rifle appears? Consider the following options:
• Wait for somebody else to do something
• Watch—paralyzed by fear—as innocent people get shot
• Run
• Hit the ground
• Hide
• Brace to be shot
• Rush the shooter

Now is the time to decide how you’ll respond if you ever get caught in an active shooter situation. Next, prepare yourself to implement the response you chose. This means being mentally prepared to die—either as a victim or a hero—or to feel (partially) responsible for other lives lost that day.

If you picked any option other than Rush the Shooter, I suggest you prepare yourself to live with the shame and guilt of knowing you could have saved countless lives that day. That’s a burden I’m prepared to live without for the rest of my life.

Lastly, take a moment to get right with God Almighty. It’s up to you whether you spend eternity with Him in Heaven or separated from Him, in hell. You’ll bear the weight of that decision infinitely longer than any active shooter situation lasts.

NEWSFLASH: Gun control laws don’t prevent evil, hateful people from getting the guns of their choice. Their suppliers operate beyond the scope of any law. Fortunately, these laws also don’t (yet) prevent law-abiding, selfless citizens from protecting themselves and others.

Who knows? If you are ever in an active shooter situation, someone with a gun and concealed carry permit may also be present. Hopefully, that person will be mentally prepared to ensure the assailant is the only casualty that day.

E.E. Laine ~ author of "Praise God for Tattered Dreams" (9780578033754). This mid-life Follower of Christ lives in the relatively peaceful state of Iowa, with a relatively peaceful assortment of cats.