To Xbox enforcement.

Subject: To Xbox enforcement.
From: Me.
Date: 17 Sep 2016

Your system is broken.
I got banned because I told a 16 + (he was on call of duty so has to be) year old to fuck off? That's bullshit. He was trying to coerce me into suicide at the time telling me to hang myself because it's the only thing I'm good at but who cares really.

I laughed at your stupid ban at first because I thought if I appealed I'd get it fixed straight away. Getting to the appeal thing was much harder than it sounded. I had to wait for 17 hours before I got assistance and I was placed on hold on the phone for 20minutes before being transferred to a different department and then bounced between different people because none of your staff know how to do their job.

I then gave up after my appeal was denied because I had cussed. (Who gives a fuck) and my aggressor got away totally free.

I have no outwaited my ban only to find your shitty system has fucked my entire Xbox up and I can no longer hear anyone. Yet you still expect me to pay for Xbox live gold so I can talk to people?

Get your shit together.