workers who force to work without getting paid

Subject: workers who force to work without getting paid
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 17 Jan 2019

To all workers.
The workers that force to work without getting paid thanks to particular Donald J. Trump it really a shame that you workers are getting treated badly by this guy through no fault of your own. You workers shouldn't have to beg this moron for your jobs nor should you be treated as charity cases. He perhaps doesn't understand nor that is concern that every day americans that work paycheck to paycheck to pay for rent&mortage car insurance groceries daycare etc not every american was born with a trust fund average people work not getting handouts from daddy dearest!The ones that voted for Trump in 2016 you got screw thinking he was for blue collar americans he's not Donald J. Trump is about Donald Trump's interest!going back to his days as a private citizen businessman he stiff his workers dishwashers vendors contractors ones that working for free not getting paid thanks to Trump MCConnell Rush Limbaugh &Ann Coulterthe list goes on & on don't take my words read the books of David J Johnston Tim O' Brien etc. The ones that didn't support Trump nor voted for him is much smarter that know what kind of person Donald J. Trump is a conartist!