To the Woman Who Deserve the Whole World

Subject: To the Woman Who Deserve the Whole World
From: Miranda B Gammage
Date: 24 Dec 2016

I personally believe Moms are very tough and just all around amazing people. I have been realizing more and more as I grow up and move away from home and start college. My mom is seriously the most amazing mom on this planet. I have recently moved twice, once being to a totally different state than my mom and the other was to my own home about an hour away from my mom. I do not like always being away from my mom but that's a step in life people have to take. My mom has always been called mommy and probably always will be. She has been my best friend since birth, also the only one to have my back every time I need her and even when I don't need her she's there. Being that I lost my dad when I was eight years old, my mom and I have created a very strong loving bond. She will forever be my number one best friend.

Mom, you have done it all since day one. You deserve more than money could ever buy. You are such a good person to everyone whether they are good people or not. You inspire me to be a better woman. I can only hope to turn out half as good of a person that you are. You are a loving, caring, strong, beautiful lady who people look up to. Without having you, there would be no life. You mean so much to so many people, I just love to see you leave smiles on peoples faces and especially when people leave smiles on your face. The whole family has always said you're their favorite and all of my friends have always said they are coming over to see my mom because they love you so much. I absolutely love to see that you are so loved by many people.

When you are upset my world gets turned upset down. I cannot stand to see you upset at anything. I know we have butt heads and we still do every now and then but I always think about it after words and feel like the most horrible person in the world. I always wish to go back and change some things I have done or said to you. I know I will never get another mom and there is no other woman like you. You are the most special woman in the world in my eyes. I hate to see you hurting somewhere on your body (which is almost every day that you hurt) or the bad head aches (the ones you get almost every day). I just hate to see you hurt and the fact that you are getting fragile.

Seeing you at your work every now and then is the most amazing thing (well sometimes). I love that I get to see you and be able to have lunch with you. I love that we get to make all these memories in this short life that we live. I love going up to your work and hearing all the stories you have to tell me and how your night was when you went home from the day before. What I hate is when you tell me how crappy of a day you had, or how crappy your home life was the day before. I hate to hear you say people talk down on you or you think people think badly of you. I don't hate to hear it because I hate listening to you, I hate hearing it because I don't like to hear bad things about you. It breaks my heart to know the most amazing woman isn't or wasn't happy.

I can only pray for good things for you because that's all you deserve. I know you would do anything for anybody. You do good things for people who don't like you and you do amazing things for the people that do like you. You have never let my brother and I go without anything we needed or wanted. You work as hard as you can to get us whatever we ask for or to have extra money in case we ever need anything. I hear all the time how you want to own a little boutique or create something new and I just sit there thinking of ways I could make it happen for you. I know you hate where you are working now and want to be at home or do your own thing so I think of different ways to help you out. Me being a college student, working part time, and not living close to you there isn't much I can do but I sure do wish I could.

To the woman who deserves the whole world, I just want you to know I love you with all of my heart. I pray that your life is filled with blessings and you get everything you want in life because you definitely deserve it. I try to make it a point to at least talk to you once every day and tell you I love you because tomorrow is never promised and I don't know what I would do without you. I can only ask for another blessed day with you every night before bed. I couldn't have been blessed with any better of a mommy than you. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for everyone out there especially me because everyone knows I'm the spoiled one (haha). I love you Mommy, forever and always!


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