To white people

Subject: To white people
From: A white person
Date: 30 Aug 2015

We often hear statements trying to not to generalize groups and communities, instead or "all white people..." we say "some white people..." We still live in a society separated by race weather we acknowledge it or not. I'm sure there are white people that will not agree and not want to be generalized but I do.

I say continue generalization. I am a white woman. I understand I have privilege. So please continue to say "all white people" please do not say "some" it gives myself and others opportunities to say "yes some white people but I am not part of that some". Please hold me and other white people accountable for our privilege. We have it but if we hear a chance to dismiss it, it will be.

Now, I am not saying that all white people are bad, no. But I am saying white people either don't like to acknowledge their privilege or not actually even notice, both equally as harmful to people of colour. I do not want to be speaking for POC, I am white I do not know the struggles and hardships that POC have been through, I can hear stories but I will never really truly know. I do not want to be a voice for them, I want to be an ally. I want to be helpful. But I cannot speak for a community that I am not, it would be pure ignorance.

What I have learned is I would rather have someone say "white people are..." than "some white people are..." If I hear "some" I can easily jump to defend myself "BUT I'M NOT LIKE THAT." And that, unless there is an argument, that will be the end of the conversation. But if I hear all I am forced to reflect on myself to think of ways to change. So please continue to generalize me. Please hold me accountable.