When Did It become Acceptable To Accost People With Manufactured News?

Subject: When Did It become Acceptable To Accost People With Manufactured News?
From: Mattie K.
Date: 14 Apr 2020

To those thinking Vaping is Armageddon,
In the fall of 2019, Big Media was given free rein to promote a panic concerning the teen vaping EPIDEMIC, concerning the DRASTIC number of teenagers who were becoming addicted to nicotine.
There have been DEATHS. The Media tells us this… in big bold print designed to sell newspapers.
Who will stop them?
FRUIT FLAVORED nicotine cartridges were in nearly every corner gas station-- Tweenie boppers were flocking to snap these up--
--Starting at the state level and pushing it through to the federal levels if need be-- Somebody HAD to step in and parent these poor, innocent children who were going to be seduced by the Nicotine Devils….
– On the News, and ALL OVER the internet & Social Media-- so it MUST be true, Mustn’t it?
“PEOPLE HAVE DIED!”, the media said, and the media readers and viewers from the Walter Cronkite generation who haven't realized that when he died, his integrity died with him, listened to the hype, half-truths and claptrap of the HOOPLA and began to take it upon themselves to randomly stop vapers and let them know that vaping kills…
Since the initial media reports that sent viewers into the stratosphere, the deaths were confirmed to be caused by one ingredient in black market THC cartridges….
--Despite my patience with these media spouting sheeple--
States started banning the sales of flavored vapor juice, not just the prefilled cartridges, but the bottled juice as well
Why my umbrage over this ‘EPIDEMIC’?
I Vape. It is, and has been, the only form of nicotine replacement therapy that has, and since April 14, 2011, DOES, work for me. Small businesses were going to the chopping block. Way too many closed. The attitude was of those who didn’t care if thousands of adults who struggled with tobacco addiction who FINALLY found a method of nicotine replacement that worked for them where having it taken away?
When I learned of the impending ban in my state, which included the TOTAL ban of sales of ALL FLAVORED VAPE LIQUIDS, INCLUDING MENTHOLATED TOBACCO I wrote mass emails to Congresspeople and House Representatives imploring them to help stop our Lady Governor from this TOTAL ban.
I am not alone—The ‘We Vape! We Vote!’ Rallies around the country in October 2019 were shop owners, small business owners, trying to save their livelihoods just like others who work 12-hour days, 7 days a week.
To borrow from the Rallies:
My mother smoked in 1967 while pregnant for me. I was exposed in the womb. She breast fed me. The nicotine feed continued. NORMAL IN 1967. It was even prescribed by doctors and soldiers received cigarettes in their daily rations.
By 1985, I was a regular smoker—at age 17.
In 1998, I suffered a stroke. I was 30. I died on the table for 1 minute 36 seconds during surgery- but they got my heart restarted.
I was hospitalized from 0918.98 through 10.16.98.
I got home on the 16th and lit up.
I had pneumonia in ’04, (7 days hospital) ’08,’09, and 10.
My younger brother, at age 47, had open-heart quadruple bypass surgery because he could/wouldn’t give up his Camel Lights. That same year-At age 51- 34 years after my first cigarette, 8 years into vaping, I had a stress test done, with no heart muscle damage.
I am diabetic. I see my doctor every three months. He’s been my doctor for almost 25 year, and agrees my chart certainly indicates to him that the frequency of my upper and lower respiratory infections have dramatically decreased Since April 2011.
Do I agree with an age-restricting law to buy liquid? Absolutely!
But at the age of 52, I want to have the choice to buy a nicotine liquid instead of a tobacco product. They’re still selling fruit punch flavored nicotine gum and lozenges (CANDY) as quitting aids, why not my mentholated juice?
This is for all the times I have been approached by strangers and told vaping is going to kill me.
Too late!
Tobacco already did.