What will it take to use anything other than Gasoline?

Subject: What will it take to use anything other than Gasoline?
From: Walt Harper
Date: 3 Aug 2017

The mindset of dependence on gasoline to fulfill our daily lives must change someday. The projection was 1980 for Post Peak Oil Era, now it's 2120 for complete exhaustion of crude oil, however abiotic oil theory extends that date to infinity with no cause for alarm in the next century. We will still have coal for another thousand years or more so there's no need for foresight there either.
The current ambivalence over gasoline has progressed from the Oil Embargoes of 1942 and 1973 to shopping gasoline stations to save a penny per gallon. The news about British Petroleum misstating their petroleum reserves to improve their stock price in 2014 has been forgotten.
The penalties for using gasoline-Global Warming, Petrowars caused by Petrodollars, Economic Instability, etc.-are ignorable, even gratified by Big Oil removing Lead, then METB, (Remember them?) from gasoline so children did not all suffer brain disease. We MUST get back and forth to work!
About 90% of people report insurmountable problems and languish in morbidity for lack of a solution. The solution for this 90 year old problem is Hydrogen Peroxide, I'm certain, but who will listen?
Using a carbonless, manufacture able chemical for fuel negates oil fields, invisible carbon dioxide air pollution, and so many other American problems that they can't be listed here. There's also that huge hazard of America losing its position of prestige when our oil or nuclear skills are no longer needed because Hydrogen Peroxide can be synthesized from water.
Ammonia is another carbonless, manufacture able chemical that is combustible but that's another subject for another time.
You will see the puzzled and frightened expressions on people's faces when you discuss such fiction as this with friends and family. Most people are too busy to be bothered.
Healthcare or Tax Reform is more easily understood because both have become daily entertainment. While neither of those issues can ever be resolved to everyone's satisfaction, a secondary chemical to gasoline's purpose could be if only the thought is conceived.
Do you recall that adage of having all your eggs in one basket?