Nobody else is doing it, why should I?

Subject: Nobody else is doing it, why should I?
From: Nate Webster
Date: 12 Mar 2021

The title of this letter is the attitude that commits our planet to passing the point of no return with climate change. I myself was somebody who thought this way for the longest time - I saw brushing my teeth in the shower, carpooling to work, or riding my bike instead of driving as inconveniences that would yield no results. In reality, the outcome of these actions is what you believe it will be. If you say they're insignificant and therefore you don't do them, our situation will stay the same or worsen. The people around you will probably take the same attitude too. If you do the opposite and turn yourself into a force of change while inspiring others to do the same, before you know it it could become the new norm. When everybody contributes a little bit, a lot gets done, and without the right mindset, nothing does. I'm a firm believer that somebody in each community needs to be the one to start the domino effect. They need to take a leap of faith by sacrificing for the greater good, or else our planet will continue to sink deeper and deeper into catastrophe.