Inventor of Disruptive Green Tech that will save Over 1 Million Trees And Reduce Plastic Consumption by 40%-50% Every Year Offers $100,000 Reward For Your Help To Find Strategic Global Partners

Subject: Inventor of Disruptive Green Tech that will save Over 1 Million Trees And Reduce Plastic Consumption by 40%-50% Every Year Offers $100,000 Reward For Your Help To Find Strategic Global Partners
From: Green Team 10 Think Tank
Date: 5 Sep 2022

Every week more 10,000 trees are chopped down around the world but only 2,000 are replanted. To make things worse global wild fires claim another 500,000+ acres of forest lands every year. This is why the price of lumber increased 377% in just one year from 2020-2021.

China and India now consume more than 70% of all the lumber in the world for new housing and infrastructure construction where over 80,000 sheets of plywood are used every day to mold poured concrete structures like bridges, office buildings, railway trestles, etc.

Because of all this forest depletion, one old military vet who taught critical thinking in China has come up with an incredible new "green goop" made from recycled natural waste material that can be used to make plywood and wood products that are twice as strong and less than one-third the cost of wood cut from trees. Best of all termites won't eat it and if buried it will bio-degrade within 12 years.

It can be used to make plywood sheets, 2 by 4s, roofing tiles, furniture, patio decks, marina docks, fencing, coffins, and anything that can be made from plastic since it can be molded, extruded, drilled, milled, nailed, screwed, stained, and painted. And since trees and saw mills are not needed, transportation costs are cut in half. For buyers of single family homes, construction costs can be reduced by $10,000 - $50,000.

This new wonder material is made from 5 natural and organic waste materials that are found on three continents in plentiful supply that for now are just piling up, rotting, or being burned.
When mixed together with a binding agent it resembles a brown clay. But the dried finish product is twice as hard as a walnut shell!

The inventor originally created this green clay for how own 3D art so that life-like sculptures protruding from a wall were light enough to mount and strong enough to endure a fall from 50 meters. His colleagues then started suggesting alternate uses and soon a door was made that was both lighter and stronger than any others in the building - for only $10 in materials.

Now the inventor (Tony) a retired businessman and military vet is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can introduce a suitable strategic global partner to put this new material on the market around the world. Details of this reward and the material itself can be found in three languages at

Tony has been doing some math and calculates that if his new material is used just to replace the lumber used in construction world-wide, we would have 1 trillion more trees in just five years. And what would that doe for the world? Well, this video answers that question quite well...

He also said that if we all planted just one tree, we could have those 1 Trillion trees in only one year. Furthermore, if we used his green goop to make only half of our plastic disposable products, and things like laundry baskets, garbage cans, coolers, etc. we could finally put an end to this floating nightmare and start the huge task of cleaning up this mess which is larger than the State of Texas!

If nothing else this story makes one thing very clear - You are never too old to invent something new that is badly needed and useful to the world. As it turns out, this makes the fifth invention for Tony who created the first water vapor injection system for automobiles when he was only 17 years-old. But by the time he scraped the money together for the expensive patents, an engineer working for General Motors had already beat him to the patent office. I suppose my grandfather was right - Timing is everything in life!