From: James Shaw
Date: 19 Apr 2017

Ever heard the expression “you'll make my life a living Hell” or “that would be Hell on earth” but have you ever considered you are already in Hell?
Lets think about it...You might say that good things happen so how can it be Hell? Well if you imagine an egg. If you drop it from an inch high then it wont break, if you drop it from a 6ft drop it will. You can compare this with life... if things are always bad then you would get used to that and the effect would not be so great on you, it would be far better to make you think life is going well as you would have so much further to hit the bottom and feel so much worse.
To always suffer makes you partially immune to it. If you continually experience horrors it becomes the norm, but if you think that life has the possibility of being wonderful or indeed your life is going well then when evil strikes the damage is so much more intense.
Some people will have never had bad things happen to them but they will. The evil will strike them at some point and probably have far more effect that way.
For some bad things happen all the time and for those they are often used to it, but the evil will introduced good things just for that little bit of extra torture.
Everything you see hear and touch is designed to punish you. Even the positive so that the negative can have that much more effect.
Life is geared towards evil. Evil acts are often rewarded good are not. Even the animal kingdom is based on evil, how could it not be? We all live on death. We EAT each other and we cause pain doing so.

If you think your still not in Hell then perhaps you need to wake up.