To wanting to be popular

Subject: To wanting to be popular
From: Emmy
Date: 4 Nov 2018
To wanting to be popular

Dear popular crowd of Central High,

Yea, I'm the new girl. Yes I see your sideways glances towards me. Little do you know that I dream of being like you. I wanna be popular. I dress like you, have a genuine personality, but you want nothing to do with me. Why? I know I'm new to your school and I have to build my way up, but can I at least have a chance? I'm not used to a big high school like yours and I don't know how to get around here. Who am I supposed to talk who am I supposed to avoid? I'm having a hard time here and all I ever wished for was to be popular. I don't see myself fitting in with anyone else. I am not like the cliques here and no one seems to want to accept me in. Is there anything I can do? I wanna be apart of something. I wanna go to parties and cheer at football games. I want to be someone who everyone knows AND loves. This crowd is my only way into that status, but you just won't give me a shot. They say good things come with time, so if you would just give me a chance to show you who I am, I'm sure you will not regret it. And to all high school students, open your arms and your hearts to new people like me. It was not easy to leave one life and move into another. Everyone deserves a chance, and you giving that chance can result in a new friendship.

Please consider,