An Open Letter to the Italians

Subject: An Open Letter to the Italians
From: Annapurna Krishjeev
Date: 25 Mar 2020

My dear Italians, young and old,

I take this opportunity to write to you all amidst this global pandemic. Italy today has become the epicenter of covid -19 catastrophe.

I don’t say that I understand what you are going through. What I knew of it could be just a tip of an iceberg. But, what you are forgetting about yourselves is the real iceberg that you are failing to see in this time of crisis.

You have not lost all of it. Day after day, people in Italy are succumbing to the infections of corona virus. The numbers are increasing. Yet, you can reduce it. It is not a matter of luck or fortune now. It is the matter of determination and will power. Yes, if you realize your strengths, you can fight it out. You can stand tall and guide the world in averting this disastrous avalanche.

You are not a land that would perish easily. You are a land of great Roman Empire. You are a land of people, where renaissance took its birth. You are the land that produced Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

You rewrote histories of Europe by sending Marcopolo and Columbus across the world. You are a nation of Galileo Galilei.

How can you forget the Risorgimento of Italy that was lead by Garibaldi, Mazzini Count Cavour. It is time for unification again, this time, against the global pandemic.

You withstood great wars and the two world wars. You are again at the verge of a war. Not on any frontier but at home. You are not alone today. We are all with you. Our prayers and good wishes are with you and the entire Europe.

Covid -19 is not deadly enough to kill a nation. All you need is will power.

Every time, you Italians faced a danger, you have stood strong to overcome it. This time, do it again. The front-lines are drawn at your doorsteps. Stay home and lead the other European nations and the entire world out of this disaster. Take this seriously. Kindly, stay at home. Quarantine is not new to you. You did that to fight the Black Death and the Plague in Milan.

This commoner from India wants you to re-surge and rebound so that the entire world can fight strongly to wipe out the catastrophe of Covid -19.