To my former boss that hit on me

Subject: To my former boss that hit on me
From: The employee that you said was valuable
Date: 6 Jul 2020

Dear (not so much) former boss,
All that I keep thinking, repeating in my head is,WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

According to you, my job was set. I did my job well, customers were happy everything was golden. Business in my area was going great. I was looking forward to eventually doing more. I saw myself staying there until I died.

Did you really think that after helping you that I would hop in the sack with you? After telling you how in love with my husband I am? Did you think that I was that desperate for your body? Again, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

I can't imagine how little you valued me, yourself and our spouses. I understand that you have your attractive attributes; however there's no way in any universe that I would throw a 20+ year relationship for some completely unsatisfactory sex, because for me it would have been. I know every inch of my husband's body and I am very happy with it. You could offer me nothing but a waste of 15 minutes. I repeat, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

I am stunned. If you had needs, there's a billion dating and hookup apps that you could order up anything you wanted, instead of trying to get your subordinate to take care of it. I am not even close to being in the kind of physical shape that you are in, yet you wanted me? Seriously, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!

In the end, I actually tried to protect you. I was convinced that you were suffering from extreme exhaustion and you misplaced your typical good sense. It wasn't until you called your boss and talked to him for 2hours that I got drawn into your rivalry with your peer. And so finally I had to tell the truth, that I quit because you hit on me. Even then, I refused to file a complaint. I want to believe that it was an aberration, a temporary loss of your mind due overwork. I want to believe the best in you and not damage your career or the company that I still care about. Yes, I blocked you. I'm done with you and never intend on being in the same room with you ever again.

Have a nice life.