Voting rights

Subject: Voting rights
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 25 Jul 2021

I'm m writing about voting rights for me as well millions of Americans Joe Biden the speech you gave a couple of weeks sounds good but, you need to do more than speak show some courage & action when it comes to voting rights with the power of the presidency you can sign perhaps executive order when it comes to voting if congress can't work together getting it pass and presented to your desk for your signature! I can't trust congress particular some Democrats like Sinema &Manchin you really all themselves political interest and the backing of their rich donors like the Koch Brothers that support perhaps Senator Joe Manchin. Ms. Madam VP Harris you"de doing a splendidly as far going around the country as well President Biden pointing out the fact that voting is very important & right for all Americans. You're not going to get ten Republicans to sign on in passing the voting right somehow I wish I was wrong .Democrats need to somehow get this voting rights done pass with or without the top and sign by President Biden thank you for your time and service Eldorado Walters