For us who love the GOAT Tom Brady

Subject: For us who love the GOAT Tom Brady
From: A diehard Pats fan
Date: 16 Jul 2016

Today, Tom Brady gave up on his trial and will take no further legal action towards the DeflateGate case. He will serve a four-game suspension. I can take four games with Jimmy Garropolo starting, but there's something that enrages me about this. America has a system in terms of trials. Inncocent until proven guilty. Was Brady proven guilty? NO! What evidence was there? A smashed phone? I would mash my phone if I was this stressed? I would. Brady is worth 120 million dollars and could buy iPhones for all the fans crowding Gillette Stadium.
The cost of a 6S is pocket change to him. Deflated balls? That's the reason the case was started. But here's the thing. Why Tom Brady? It could have been anyone on either team's active 53 man roster or even the coaching staff in Foxboro that night. It could have been a referee!
But of course out of everyone, they choose the deemed "most hated player in the NFL". Now that it's gone, we can all sleep eight hours at night and have a pleasant dream, right? Not me! This is not fair. This violates America's judicial structure and the "honest" nature of Goodell. Brady is EASILY the greatest player to walk on a football field, and I will carry on my opinion that this is not fair until the day I die. I don't care how long it will take for you guys to realize the unfairness of this. But understand it. We can't free Brady anymore. If we find out who really did it, how are we going to say sorry to Brady? TELL ME! HOW! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE! I will remember this until the day I die.