An Open Letter to the World Athletics

Subject: An Open Letter to the World Athletics
From: Tsietsi Mathule (South Afeica)
Date: 26 Apr 2021

Good day,

This is an open letter to the World Athletics.

With all due reapect.

I am asking for an explanation/s how Testosterone act/react, when innocent girls run in 10 000m race❓

The interpretation on Caster Semenya's case by World Athletics has raised these questions in my mind.

Say she runs a 10 000m race, that means from 0m to 399m her Testosterone acts as a woman.
Then from 400m to 1499m it acts as a man. Then from 1500 to 10 000m it changes again and acts as a woman❓.

Can a Testosterone acts/reacts like that in one race❓

Tsietsi MATHULE (South Africa)