To Floyd Mayweather

Subject: To Floyd Mayweather
From: C. Johnson
Date: 20 Aug 2023

Dear Mr. Mayweather ,

I am a former producer from WWE who lives in Atlantic Station and works out in your 17th street gym housed in The Atlantic. Your workout program has transformed my body in a matter of 3 months. I have become addicted to boxing. Unfortunately the person who purchased the franchise for the 17th street gym in Atlanta, has mismanaged it and it seems it is about to close . We are going from 3 classes a day to 3 classes a week in September and are still expected to pay the $149 unlimited class membership. I did not sign up for that. The talent that is teaching and managing the gym over there is phenomenal and has created such a family atmosphere it is incredible. I work out there twice a day 5 days a week and do the only class they have on Saturday and Sunday in 3 months I have gone down 4 sizes. Thank to Coach Low and the front desk staff Sky and TK. This is s prime location that has not been marketed properly. It is sitting in the middle of Atlantic station in a building that has condos starting at $700000. With lofts across the street at $500000. I understand that this is a franchise, can you find another buyer for this market rich environment that is ripe for the taking? I can’t lose this gym your programs have changed my life and saved my life . If I could attach a picture I would. If you go to thechristinejohnson on instagram you can see the transformation . I understand if you cannot help I just thought you should know that the Atlantic Station gym and members deserve better than the owner that is running it. Thank you for your time.

C. Johnson

P.S. OTE (overtime elite)is right next door to your gym and they have been doing boxing matches every Friday. The market is prime for this franchise location. Please don’t let this location go. It’s too important to do many people.